Top 10 Helpful Writing Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Business

Getting into entrepreneurship course is hard enough but it will not be as hard as you started to combine it with writing world altogether. The question of the day is, can you be a terrible writer and still be successful as an entrepreneur? Sure, of course, you can.

You can also be short and play in the NBA, but it helps to be tall, and you will be a better entrepreneur than you would otherwise be if you can write well.

Moreover, in this day and age where content is king, writing becomes all the more crucial for your business. In fact, a great content has become somewhat the new currency for marketing strategies.  It can help your company grow a lot because creating content can make your business become a thought leader, attract more customers who are looking for information, and more importantly, increases search engine visibility.

So what are my writing tips for entrepreneurs?


               Keep Calm and Write.

10 Writing Tips For Entrepreneurs.

1. Know your audience.

Yes, this is the first step for everything.  Do you write it to your client? or to your customer? or to your boss? You need to clarify this first because your writing tone will be different if you write to any of them. And also, a lot of people are ignoring this simple step. You should not be one of them.

2. Know your purpose.

What is your intention of writing this article or this email? Is it to educate your future customer or to explain something?

3. Be simple and easy to read.

The trick is simple, only stick to what’s necessary. The plainer it is, the better it is. Because some of them would be probably a very busy person; so you might want to avoid beating around the bush. Be specific. Just say what you wanted to say.

4. Use real word.

The word that is easy to understand. For example, instead of fantastic just use great and so on. Remember, you are not writing for an exam. You want to convey a message to a real people, not an examiner.

5. Use active voice not passive.

This is my favorite one because I usually make a lot of passive sentences without even noticing. But, after taking Udemy writing course with Shani Raja, problem solved. I learned that active voice is to be much more straight forward and professional. In fact, using an active voice will make your sentence a lot stronger.

6. Avoid cliche words.

Meaning to avoid repetition of words throughout your content. Mix it up a few words because using the same word will make your content become boring to read. You can use thesaurus.com for this purpose (I use this website a lot).

7. Use grammar spelling tools.

Because even if you are a great writer, you would still probably make a spelling mistake sometimes. That is why an editor job is very much needed in the writing world.

As for me, I had been using grammarly for as long as I can remember. This app had helped me a lot I must say.  In fact, it helps me to look a lot like a professional writer and increase my credibility when it helped me avoid grammar as well as spelling mistake. A great app indeed.

8. Use bullet point.

Yes, a bullet or a number point is a must. Because this is a great way to make your main point become clear and increase readability by ten fold. Especially if you are writing a blog post because most of your readers can easily detect what is your main point.

9. Create a Killer Intros.

The second last is to create a great content, you are going to need a killer intros. Without it, your writing tone will just be a flat one. To do this well, you have to create the scene as dramatic as possible during the introduction to heighten up the hype. Always empower your introduction because you do not want to let your readers down.

Some of the ways that you can use to create killer intros are:

  • Ask Question.
  • Use Quote.

Alternatively, you can also increase and pick their curiosity by using magnetic headlines and you can learn how to do it here.

10. End it with a Cool Kickers.

Last but not least, don’t forget to make cool kickers. But what the hell are kickers? In the journalism world, kickers are defined as the very last part of your article and the idea is to make sure they end in a quite cool way. It is like leading on a high note.conclusion of an article where you circle back your main point of your article. however, you are not just repeating the point. Instead, you will make them feels motivated to take an action toward your call to action.

The basic idea is you want to end the conclusion with some kind of impact to motivate your reader to take action. And that often circling back to what your intention was and what you wanted to achieve by doing this. The kicker should be related to that purpose in some way. However, you are not just repeating the point. Instead, you want to make your ending make them feels motivated to take an action toward your call to action.

Instead, you want to make your ending to be more effective by creating cool kickers. As a result, you will make the article more powerful, impactful and effective.


I believe good writing skills can enrich anyone’s life but are particularly important for entrepreneurs. Businesses with a successful content marketing strategy tend to be successful in their other online marketing efforts. However, creating a great content is not an easy job. To be good at this, it means you need to write a lot, make mistake on the way and learn from it. These 10 writing tips would be very useful.

Although, outsourcing your writing is a good way to create a good content, but I would discourage it. Because writing a good content yourself is like a brand of your company. Your writing tone and your voice can be detected and sensed by your readers. So if you hire a lot of people to write if for your company, the tone will be varied and your voice will not be unique.

The point is, it’s not just about setting, Therefore, don’t forget to use all these writing tips to do it well.