12 Good Habits that Will Make You Join the Highly Successful People.

First of all,

What is habits?

Habits is define as something that you do often and regularly, sometimes without knowing that you are doing it. In other words, habits the one that made us who we are today without we even noticing. If it is a good habits like reading than it can help you a lot to become a successful person. But, if your only habits is usually a bad one such as drinking alcohol,smoking and eating chips. Then you are going to have a lot bad times in your days.

Sometimes, whenever people had a bad habits, they would just said it is who we are. We are born like this. Actually, no. We can change it if we want to, because we are not a tree. We are a human and human change to be whatever they wanted to be.

A funny analogy for this situation is between a doctor and fat guy. It happen when the fat guy are having a medical check up with the doctor in the clinic. Below are the conversations between them:

The fat guy:  I’m sorry to say this doctor but the problem is that the “fat gene” runs the family.

The doctor: No, the problems is no one runs in your family.

To me it was very funny. I don’t know about you. What do you think?

Now, lets get back to the main points.

Are you ready to change your habits  and then changing your life? If yes, read on my friends.

The 12 Habits of Highly Successful People.

  1. They woke up early. Yes, usually at 4 am and 5 am in the morning. And this is their main secret to get ahead of other people. The used this time properly to prepare what they are going to do during the day. Sometimes, they also use this time to exercise with their family. This makes them so productive throughout the day.
  2. They love to read a lot. This is because they are so eager to learn new things and most of them read very fast. In fact, even science suggest that following Warren Buffet’s reading habits could make you become smarter.
  3. They are very persistent and they don’t give up. This traits and habits had helped them a lot whenever they were facing a big problems. And in the end, they would still win. This is what happens when you fight back for your dreams.
  4. Successful people dream big and think big. They have a very big goals to achieve and this had force them to grow until they reach out their dreams. In other words, they dreams so big until other people thinks they are crazy. But not for long. It is only matter of time when they achieve their dreams.
  5. They know their “Why” which is their reason to fight. And this reason to fight, the successful people turn it into a huge willpower that even made them moves mountains. To ensure you have this habits, you have to know what are fighting for! Is it your family? or Your dreams? Which one is stronger? To become committed and persistent in your efforts, you going to need you “WHY”.
  6. They have a long term goals. And they chunk it into a step by step as well as short term goals. Like Bill Gates said, “Most people overestimate what they can do in 1 years and under estimate what they can do it 10 years”. The trick is to have a long term goals and plan your way to that goals. Here is a 10 minute video for you to draw your end goals: 
  7. They are very generous. The love to provide more and give more to peoples. For examples, Bill Gates create foundation to help the unfortunate people provide food and educations.
  8. They avoid wasting time. Which is the most precious thing in the worlds. Not even gold and money could replace it. No matter if you rich or poor, we only got 24 hours a day. So, we have to use our time wisely. What you do in your time is who are going to become. As for highly successful people, Most of the time, they would prioritize their work and complete it as soon as possible. They avoid procrastination and multitasking at all cost.
  9. They know how to say no. The priorities will become their number one. No matter how urgent it may be unless it is a life and death situation they would said no to it.
  10. They have a godlike focus. Most of the time, they tune out the noise and they do not multitasking. Their focus toward the One Thing is devoted.  When Bill Gates and Warren Buffet first met, Gate’s mother – who was on dinner-hosting duties – asked everyone around that table to identify the single most important factor accredited for their success through life. Gates and Buffet gave the same one-word answer: “Focus.”
  11. They exercise regularly and eat healthy foods. This is also a very important habits. Eat properly and exercise regularly should be in everybody routines. The reason why is because it can create a very bad significant impact in our health if we not take care of our health. As we all know, prevention is better than cure right?
  12. They listen to surrounding and others. They observe and listen a lot because they wanted to solve problem and help people whenever they can. If it is a great ideas, they can even create a business from that ideas and people would be happily pays them. Since their main business ideas is filling the needs and helping peoples, there are a big chances that the business will thrive.



Just by reading this blog post is not enough. You have to apply it in your daily life and make it your day to day habits. Having a good habits and turning it into your routine is the first thing you can do to become successful. If you manage to do this,  your life will started to change forever. I promise you that. Remember, the day you started to change yourself and take charge of your life is the day you started to become successful in life. And I invited you to join me in that path too. Let us walk together in the realm of the highly successful people.

I want you to become successful too.

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