2 Incredible Simple ways to Conquer Bored at Work

When you just started learning a new skill for your craft, you would feel excited. Already thinking what can you do to master those skills. In fact, you can do a lot of things when you master this skill.

For example, executing the skill with ease in an outstanding quality craftsmanship. But, to get at this level you will face challenges that every master had faced before. And one of them is bored at work.

Especially, when you keep on practicing like you always do but your feels like stuck at that level. When it adds up to the results of your practicing the skills doesn’t show anything promising, you would feel bad for yourself. I had been in this state before and it is disappointing.

At this point, you would try to avoid practice this skill at all cost. You feel like it is a waste of time but you did not say it literally but the way you did not want to continue practicing, shows it. Then, you would come out with a lot of reason not to practice it. You must avoid this at all cost.

I, for one, had been experiencing this bored at work state hands on. It happen when I was experimenting to find my Life’s Task. The skill was writing and the medium where I wrote is this blog. However, when the results don’t show anything promising and the readers just keep going up and down. I feel bad for myself.

After that, I remember something about me. I had been practicing a lot of skills to master but none of them ever worked. At first, I try to learn to a be a good SEO marketer and a great email marketer. Then, I try to be a PPC marketer. The one in common I had with learning all these new skills are, I quit when it gets boring and then I stop practicing the skills.

The only things that I do not stop are, blogging. Which is good. Now I know what is wrong. I just need to keep on practicing and push onto the bored at work phase.

BTW, I just noticed it after I read Mastery by Robert Greene last week. Mr. Greene explained that many peoples would think that they can do and become good at it after only a few practice. Which is nonsense. In fact, I always hope I was like that too. having a talent until you don’t need to practice a lot. But, it doesn’t work like that and remember hard always beat talent. Hard work is very much necessary to reach mastery levels.

Below are two ways you can do to avoid bored at work which affects us all. This is how you break past it when every last trace of creative energy vanishes.

Discipline yourself.

Make a routine every day for your work and when you are working make sure you go deep inside the work. Give out your full concentration on it. At first, discipline yourself to work for about 2 to 3 hours, then start to increase up to 5 or 6 hours slowly.

Don’t do it for a straight 8 hours in the early stage. Because you want to avoid getting exhausted easily and get shocked with that kind of practice. So you need to know how you performed best while learning. Frankly, learning how you learn is a skill you need to possess.

Once the action becomes automatic, observe yourself as you are practice. Then, analyze what you did wrong. It also helps to gain feedback from others by asking from them. Although, don’t get discouraged or feels bad if they do criticize your work. You are still a student after all. What do you expect right? Extraordinary works after few practices? No way.

Only then, after you can gain a proper sense of proportion from a different perspective. Which is from you and the others.  It will make you ground in reality and make you deeply aware of your inadequate quality and what it takes more to master this skill.

Begin with One Skill you can Master.

So that it can serve as a foundation for acquiring other skills. In addition, you must avoid the idea of being able to learn several skills at a time. Because multitasking is bad and will be the death of your mastery process. You need to learn how to Deep Work to become a master at your field.

As for me, I just realize that I had been trying to master blogging and coding at the same time. Because my dream is to become a blogger and an app inventor. This is very bad for me as my concentration will have to divide in two. So I need to choose A.S.A.P which one to master first.

After a few second, without a doubt, the chosen one would be mastering at coding and programming because I want to create iPhone app so bad. Hence, this is my main priorities now. Studying how to code using Swift and Xcode language and practicing it on my laptop until I mastered it. So my books for know will only be about programming, coding and marketing my iPhone apps.  Books about writing will be on hold.

In the end, the pain and boredom we experience in the early stage of learnings are a skill we need to obtain through practice. Too many people believe that working, learning, and practicing must be pleasurable in life even at the early stages. Which makes them constantly search for distraction and short cut in learning every time when things get hard. I learned this from my experience and it will not be happening again.

You must avoid this at all cost. There is no way the path to mastery is easy. This bored at work is a kind of challenge your mind need to overcome. eventually, you will leave this boredom phase.  You will become better at being the intense focus while doing your work.

Throughout, your life, you will encounter tedious situations, and you must cultivate this ability to handle them with discipline and persistence. One by one you will get through it, I promise you.