3 Brilliant Way to Find Your Life’s Task

Jeff Goins called it the art of work and Robert Greene calls it Your Life’s Task. Whatever it is, all of it is the same thing. The one thing in common is that all the authors asking that are there some kind of force from within that makes all living things grow and transform themselves?

The answer would be a Yes. Sometimes people called it destiny, vocation and a calling.

As Robert Green explained it perfectly in Mastery. Your Life’s task is described as a seed planted within you at your birth and that is your uniqueness. It wants to grow and transform itself but you have to flower it yourself to its full potential.

Therefore, your Life’s task is to bring that seed to flower by expressing your uniqueness to the world. Through your works and that is your destiny. The more you care and tender the seed to maintain it — as a force, voice or whatever form — the greater your chance for fulfilling this Life’s Task.

As for me, it will form as a blog post writing and iPhone apps I hope. Because I am still experimenting my Life’s task. Sometimes, I think writing is the only way I can describe what can I wanted to say without being afraid to speak up.

FYI, I am a shy person but when I am writing I can speak up without being shy. This is why I keep on writing. For inventing iPhone Apps, we will see how much it connects with me later. I will update it back to you later.

However, the is a dark force that we need to protect the seed from. It is called social pressure to conform to your surrounding or environment. In fact, it is a very powerful counterforce.

It will make you feel doubt, hesitate and succumb to the fear. Think of it like this. You want to fit in a group or community. Unconsciously, you might feel that what makes you unique is embarrassing. Because of this, you try to put out the seed and if the counterforce is strong enough, you can lose contact with your uniqueness.

The worst part is by eliminating your uniqueness and try to avoid discomfort, you will end up choosing a career that doesn’t really suits you. Over the years, your desire, interest, and passion slowly wane and your work will suffer for it. You will produce a low quality of work because you getting bored with the work and no desire to produce extraordinary works.

The main reason your uniqueness can be lost is after you made a decision by following other are doing. Because you have no sense of direction or radar to decide since you have been rejecting your seed of destiny. And of course, it is easier to be a follower than to be a leader.

At all cost, you must avoid such fate. Hence, you have to find your Life’s task to begin at any point in life. No matter how old you are, it is never too late. I am 24 years old and I just realize this last on Jun 2017. They are three simple way on you can do this:

You must connect or reconnect with your inner side.

Meaning that, take a minute to connect with your sense of uniqueness. As Robert Greene explains in Mastery, the first step is always inwards. For best results, you need to be aware of your surrounding and be alert all the time.

Get notice what makes you excited the most and tune out the noise from other people. Even it is from your family if they try to cloud your thinking. After all, you are the one who will be living your life not them. In other words, understand yourself first.

Look at the career path you already on or are about to begin.

To help you understand more about this process. You will need to go deep in the concept of work itself. Because most often people make a separation in our lives. One is working life and the other is life outside of work.

To the life outside work is where we find real pleasure and fulfillment in life. While the work is only meant for generating money, no other than that purpose.

And this definition of work, if we experience it, you would think your working life as a fire you need to go through on the way to real pleasure. This is a bad thing to do because a Life’s task should not be like this. your Life’s work is connected deep inside your voice. You would find pleasure doing the work even when thing starting to get super hard.

Think your life’s task as a journey with a twist and turn rather than a straight line.

And this means it doesn’t matter if it gets super hard or not, you are still going to make it. Also, of the works doesn’t suit your Life’s task it’s okay for now because it will provide room for you to maneuver and experience life itself. frankly, start small but think big.

A Life’s task is not something reserved for the master of their field or opportunity reserved for the rich people. It is available to everyone to anyone who dares to find it. The path before you is a ferocious one, full of difficulty and challenges. But it will lead you to the legacy the world will not soon forget.