The 3 not so Simple Way to Obtain Mastery In Life

Some said mastery is only for the master and not for all. But, what if it is not. According to Robert Greene, Mastery is actually for everyone who is willing to pursue it. And it will not be easy. You will need persistent, commitment and burning desire to achieve it.

What is Mastery?

Mastery is the ultimate power of one could achieve that can change one’s future. It is the same with that type of artistic activities such as drawing, singing, writing or even working.

The good thing is, we are born with the capabilities to do it. And, the skill to mold the material into what we want must be learned and attentively cultivated.

Also, mastery is the feeling that we have a great command, in reality, other people and ourselves. Although, it might be something we experience for an only a short while. For example, when you facing a deadline, the urgent need to solve a problem or a crisis of sorts.

However, for others — Master of their field — it becomes their way of life and their way of seeing this world. Such master includes Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin, Paul Graham and among many others.¬†And the roots of this process is accessible to us all.

How Can You Obtain Mastery?

After reading above, you might enter this situation with excitement about what you are going to learn and do with new skills. On one hand, you might be thinking that you can even be a master at the new skills. On the other hand, you will realize how much hard work is there ahead of us.

The great imminent danger is we give in to the feeling of boredom, impatient and fear. Then, you stop observing and learning. Eventually, the process comes to halt and you have to avoid this at all cost.

Nonetheless, when you manage to control these negative emotions and allow time to take it course. Something remarkable will begin to take shape. They are a few ways you can do these:

Find a Master.

A crucial step to obtain mastery is by becoming an apprentice. As you continue to observe your master and follow the lead of others, you will gain clarity, learning the rules and how things work and fit together. No master had become a master without learning from a master.

Keep Practicing.

And if we keep on practicing, we gain fluency: basic skills are mastered. It will allow you to take on new and more exciting challenges. You will start to see the connection that was invisible to you before.

Then, you should gain confidence in your ability to solve a problem or overcome weakness through sheer persistence.

Leave the master.

As years go by, you move from student to practitioner. You try out your own ideas and gaining valuable feedback in the process. You then use your expanding knowledge in ways that are increasingly creative.

At this point, instead of just learning how the master does things, you bring your own style and individuality into play.

Over the years of remain faithful to this process, these process already internalized and become part of your nervous system. It becomes your second nature. With this skills embedded hard into yourself, only then mastery can be achieved.

In your career, you can apply mastery to your business or apply to any of the social situation. Such as producing extraordinary work for your business or seeing deeper into other people and anticipating their reaction. A master does this all the time.

Finally, with mastery, you can make a decision that is rapid and highly creative. Ideas come to us. Because you have learned the rule so well that you can now be the one to broke or rewrite them.

Follow this mastery path and your life will never be the same again. I dare you all! But expect the hardship.