5 Best Practice For Building Resilience

I  rarely use the word resilience but when I read about it on The Idea In You, I become attracted to this word. Because resilience means the abilities of a person to recover from problems and difficulties. I had never known about this words actually. Hey, I am not a native English speaker. But today I need to write something about resiliency. It is a must possessed skill by everyone to overcome challenges in life and more importantly, it’s free.

However, we need to practice it in our daily life. If not, it is hard to be resilience because it is not in unlimited quantity. In fact, we need to charge it like your smartphone need to charge. So here are 5 best practice you can do today for building resilience.


Think Positive.

And be positive. The first for everything. The trick is no matter how hard the situations, problems or difficulties, you should think that can do it and believe you can make it. If this situation happens to me, I would say “no matter how hard it is, how bad it gets, I am going to make it”, in front of a mirror, out loud. I learned this trick from Jack Canfield book called The Success Principles.

But why should we think and be positive? This is because the first step toward act positively is by thinking positive. Like Steven Covey once said, everything begins with the ends in mind. If your thought fills with negativity, your emotion will follow, then your action will too and vice versa. So it is important for us to think positively for building resilience. In fact, staying positive is the foundation of your success.

Focus on the good news and count your blessing. It will help you through your darkest hour. Like Thomas Edison did after failing 10,000 times to start a light bulb. Instead of saying it is a failure, he just said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. This guy is a master at thinking positively.


Look Difficulties as the Opportunity.

Difficulties in life, come and go. They will always be there like winter days and we cannot avoid them. But, what we can do is control how we respond to it. Whether to give our dreams or we see these problems and difficulties as our stepping stone. Think of it like this, if you can solve this problem, then you are one step closer to your dreams.

In a way, difficulties are there not to stop you but to strengthen and grow yourself. However, difficulties are there to stop anyone who is doing thing half-heartedly without commitment and persistence. Every moment of failures is your road to victory and a potential turning point. If you stay on it, work on it, you will push through it eventually. You’ll make it. I know you can.


Be in the Service of something bigger than you.

Meaning that you are working on your dreams not only for yourself but also for everyone else.  Steve Jobs said it best, “We’re here to put a dent in the universe”. Because we are here to help others solve their problems, provide a helping hand and guide them. For me, it would be for Islam and ALLAH but for you, it can be anything.

For example, a soldier in the war zone would think about their desire to get home to their families. The more emotional it is, the better it is. But, it has to be strong enough to act as fuel for your dreams and building resilience. For this reason, you have to know what are you fighting for.


Ask for Help.

By becoming entrepreneurs, we tend to be in a lone ranger mode. We do most of the works ourselves especially during startups like me and that’s good. But, wouldn’t it be better if we have a partner that can help sometimes? We human beings are a social creature and emotional being. We cannot live alone technically because we live in a community and have an ecosystem. Unless you live in the wilderness, in a medium size cabin, and work there all the time. Hmmm. Probably not.

With our focus strongly on our dreams, we tend to miss out the opportunity to ask for help. In fact, a relationship can boost your resilience a lot. A friend can motivate you, support you, have a shoulder to cry on and someone to celebrate with. None of this could happen if you try to do it all alone. What can you do, though, is find a partner that can help you. But, if you prefer working alone, for NOW, it’s okay to skip this part.


Look after Yourself.

To put it simply, get enough sleep and eat well. Because if you are not, it is hard for building resilience especially when you feel tired and overeating. Think for a minute, when was the last time you had a great day? Would it be when you are feeling sick or exhausted? Of course not. My guessed wold be when you have a good night sleep and have been eating well.

What can you do, are, exercise at least 30 minutes outside, avoid eating fast food and cook yourself a nice meal. Also, keep your hobbies running alive. If you love to run like me, then run. If you love drawing, then draw. This kind of activities is important to refresh you mental and physical energy levels. Finally, don’t forget to read books. Because Reading to the mind is what exercise to the body. Here’s a few good book you can read!

In a nutshell, breaking out this habits and practice it one step at a time will eventually help you for building resilience and also to help you overcome whatever difficulties you had in life. This five is your resilience training. Nothing can stop you from becoming successful. But only if you think positively, keep finding opportunity, helping others, ask for help and look after yourself. Keep learning and keep on fighting. I believe in all of you.