The 6 Best Investment Guides In the World Surprisingly for Free

Are you an individual investor who are looking for investment guides? or Are you a future investor who are very eager to learn about investing? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Fear no more because i will provide you the best 6 investment guides website that will help you from zero to hero. More importantly, all of it, is free of charge. The only thing you need to spend is you time to read all the guidelines.

Are you ready? Read on my friends.


Why should I learn/read more about investing?

What you don’t know will hurt you.

A word to live by, if you are going to enter the investment world. Especially if it is about money. Your money! But why? This is because there is only one person who you can trust with your money and that person is you. Do you want to waste your years of savings or your max out 401k on a bad investment products? Of course not right? Who wants that to happen to him or her right.

And the best thing you can do is to learn and understand about it. Learn about investing. Learn about financial planning and learn about money matters. It is one of the most important knowledge that you can learn to guide you towards financial freedom. Just like an old saying, learn from mistake but it does not have to be your mistake.

For example, of you read books about investing, so many authors will share what did he do wrong during his early investing years.  Meaning that we can learn from his experience and we can cut years of learning by reading for a few days. What a good trade.  In fact, the books would probably not much more than 20 dollars. It is hardly consider pricey item but so valuable. That is why I love books so much.

Why did the blogs/website  provides the guidelines for free?

Later , I will share to you the 6 six website that can helps you provides a clear and the big picture of investing. And the most important thing, it can show you how easy and how simple it is to invest. But now, I should clarify, why are they providing the materials and guidelines for free? As we all know, there is no such thing as free lunch in this world. There must be a reason behind this right? Why did they provided the investment guides for free?

The answer would be, all of them are from the financial and investment media. Their jobs are literally providing the fastest news and latest information as well as consult on financial and investment services for a living. Meaning that, they create and provide the free guideline to generate more readers,viewers,visitors and future prospects to their websites. When you read the guides, they will know you are very interested in the investment.

Unfortunately for them, since the number of investment medias are keep on increasing and fighting with each other, they were always competing with each other to create the most valuable information to the future investors. Fortunately for us, we benefits a lot from this as their guidelines which become very helpful to us.

Also, they provide step by step guidelines from setting up your goals of investing up to how to achieve your goals. Furthermore, they also updates it regularly since the investing worlds are keep on changing. In this century, your road to financial freedom is clearer than ever. There should be zero reasons for you not to learn about your future investment.



The 6 investment guides website.

  •  CNNMoney:

An investing guides provided by the world largest business website that also cover business news, economy, markets, personal finance and many more. With 97 domain authority, there sure are to received a lot of readers from the future investors. A good place to stay updated on the current news.

  • Fidelity Investment :

Is an online trading brokerage of choice, offering IRAs, retirement planning, mutual funds, ETFs, and more to help meet your goals. They also provided step by step guidelines starting from starting out your investment until living in the retirement days. They covers it all for you to read. Check the link Now!

  • Charles Schwab:

To put it simple, Charles Schwab corporation offers a wide range of investment advices, products and services, including brokerage & retirement accounts, ETFs, online trading & more. The guides  to investing provided by them, would be:

  • Set Your Goals.
  • Plan Your Mix.
  • Start Investing.
  • Stay On Track.

These four steps are legendary simple and easy to understand. Also, they are one the best from the best. Their guide are very simple and it’s my favorite.

  • Forbes Investing Guides 2017 :

Since under the New President, this global media company called Forbes had been updating their investing guides a lot. Moreover, there are a lot of new information regarding about investment and “how to” article that can save you from the dark side of investing. If you did not know about Forbes, there are a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle.

  • Fool Investing Basics :

The Motley Fool provides leading insight and analysis about stocks, helping individual investors  to stay informed. For example, their article will explained to you about

Everything you need to know is here guys. They also provided an investment services that you can consider be using. But,  analyse and survey it out first.

  • Investopedia:

A Tutorial For Beginner Investors. A great website that covers all of it and the great thing about their tutorial is that the Investopedia Staff literally create an online university to teach individual investor teach you about everything about investing. Starting from the building blocks of the investing world and straight to the markets. In addition, they also provide you some insight into techniques and strategies that can help you think about which investing strategies suit you best. Spend your time here. It will be worth it.



Bottom line is from all the investment guides above, i hope you can all benefits from it as i do. Just click on the links and bookmarks it like i do. Set up your goals and watch it accomplished. But, as a reminder, beware of the news that influenced you to actively invest in a products such as stock picking, market timing and trading. These are all hazardous to your wealth. Don’t waste your time and money actively invest to beat the market as it is just a lucky win and not suitable for a long term investing.

In additions, if you still felt like it is not enough with the free guidelines and want to learn the exact way to invest, i would suggest to check out my recommended readings category such as 3 simple rules of investing and The Investment Book You’ll Ever Reads.