6 Brilliant ways To Turn A Stranger Into A Friend

I often went to a lot of places alone since I am a self-employed guy. My working hours rarely the same as my friends who has a 9-5 job. It is the road that I had chosen, so I must live with it. Personally, I am not really good at talking at all especially to a stranger. I would never ever starts a conversation, but for some reasons I found out, turning a stranger into a friend is a great experienced to cherished.

Especially while networking where everybody is dying to make a pleasing first impression on everyone they met. To help you out, here are six ways that you can do to make to make you look great at it.


Smile Exclusively.

Have you ever seen a beautiful model smile in a bunch of magazines? Yes, that smile. Never make that smile! Because that smile is fake to the core. A genuine smile should be contagious like a baby smile, for example. Meaning that, when you smile to a person, that person will smile it back to you. But, for some reason, a beautiful model smile doesn’t do that at all.

To do it right, practice smiling in front of your mirror, try to smile sincerely and ensure it came from the bottom of your heart. A genuine smile will convey the message “I like you, you make me happy even just for a while”. Do this well enough, everybody will start to like you.


Become Genuinely Interested in Other People.

By genuinely it means not faking to be interested in it. Because if you do fake it, it cannot last long and some people can feel it. Instead of faking it, take your time to find out what do this guy like the most, If he like cars then talk about cars, If she likes to dress up, talk about dress up. Simple as that.

Yet, most people I know keeps wigwagging other people into becoming interested in them. this is not how you make friends. A famous old Roman poet, Pulilicius Syrus once revoked: “We are interested in other people when they are interested in us“.



Meaning that you use any means necessary to use the word YOU every time you possibly can. Why? Because the word YOU is very powerful since it can attract people attention easily and enrich one’s conversation, according to Leil Lowndes in How to Talk to Anyone.

Moreover, since we were born we like to think we tend to be at the center of the universe. All we care is about me, myself and I. So if we play around this pride moment properly using the word YOU, you can easily make them the center of attraction,

For example, if someone asked you a question in a group of people, instead of saying “that’s a good question”, say “you’ve asked a good question”. You get the point. Make it a habit in your daily life, you’ll see you will attract people attention like crazy, get a more positive response and press the pride button.


Remember Names and Pronounce it Correctly.

This a long lost forgotten technique using by the kings, queens and other diplomats during ancient times. Although it is still as powerful as before. Because a man’s name is the most sacred thing they have. Money, you can find it, cars, you can collect it, a house; you can buy it, but a name can only be given. It is the only thing you left after you die.

According to Dale Carnegie in How to Win Friends & Influence People, a person name is the sweetest and the most important sounds in any language. Additionally, the importance of remembering and using names to get people attention is not just for leaders and corporate executives but also works for all of us. Even to your future girlfriend or boyfriend.


Be a Good Listener.

Why? because a good listener is always better than a good talker. And it is one of the best ways to become a good conversationalist. Although, you probably won’t do much talking at all. What you need to do is you just have to listen intently. In a sense, to be a good listener you need to master the art of listening. Do more listening than talking.


Make Other People Feel Important.

And do it sincerely. Without sincerity, it would become worthless. So give out your most sincere appreciation to any stranger you see. Find out what you admire about them through observation, is it the hair, her legs, his biceps or anything. Then, compliment it. Try to radiate a little happiness and positivity into your surroundings. Sometimes one honest appreciation from you can make their day.

Finally, don’t forget to try it out and give out a sincere comment to me in the comment section below. Now, everybody can make new friends and networking more easily as long as you smile, listen to them, called out their name properly and give out sincere appreciation. Have a go at it.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care
― Theodore Roosevelt