8 Lists Of Reason Why Journaling Will Make You Successful

According to Forbes, journaling is the one common traits that all the highly successful people have one in common and In fact, they do it everyday. Moreover, based on an article at Business Insider,  it had been stated that even the few of the legendary historical figure and successful speakers also had been journaling throughout their career. For example, Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius,French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and Jim  Rohn.

What does it means by journaling?

Journaling means writing what ever you want in a notebook. It can get as personal as it can and this is how you draws out every thought that you had in minds such as the problems that you are having, setbacks that had just faced and some others difficulties. But, since we live in the 21st Century, nowadays journaling does not have to be in a your notebook only. It can be an online journal such as blogging. It can be a science journal while you conducting an experiments or it can even be a work journal. Point is no matter whatever medium you choose, as long as you still write it.

As for me, journaling is one the best way that i do to stay update, store my ideas and  keeping track on my goals. I don’t exactly have a specific time for journaling because I write in journals whenever i had an ideas or inspirations that had enter my mind.  I also treat my journal like a planner because before i sleep every night, i would write a list at least three things that i want to accomplished tomorrow. And every time i finished doing it, i would cross it off the list. You should all try it. It feels very good after you complete the work and cross it off the list.


However, i don’t think it is enough to encourage you all to start writing journal too. So here’s a list of 8 reason why journaling is helping you towards your success!

1. You can record your ideas, thoughts and feelings.

Because ideas and thoughts came and leave as fast as it can. In my opinion, if i don’t jot it down, i would forgot about it. having a journal are what keeping me inform and remember the it easily. Also,  journaling is one of the way to capture your imagination and creativity. You never know when the ideas are pouring down. Sometimes it happen in an instant so having a journal close by would be very handy and useful.

2.  You are writing your own history.

Yes, when you are  just a normal person like me, do you think that someone will write your history like the highly successful people? I don’t think so right. But, you will have you own history  if you wrote it on your own journals. In fact, you would have your own written history to pass it on like a living legends but only your family know about it. So that even your grandchildren can know exactly about you, what did you do, how did you live your life and so on.

Like Jim Rohn said in his talks, he has write a journal for his grandchildren to read. Everything he wrote in his journal is about his life and what did he learned throughout his life.

3. Pinpoints problems and find solutions.

This can become very useful especially because all the high achievers had used their journals to reveal areas in their careers of need of problem solving or improvement. Most of them, wrote it down the problem for a clear vision and to find solution to a problem. After a while, one by one, they ticked it off from the list after the solutions had been found. Technically, this made them a problem goals oriented person and this kind of journal are called work journals.

4. You can write your list of goals to achieve in life.

Actually it is very simple process, but it pays great dividends especially after you tick it off one by one after you achieve it. Why? Simple enough, because writing out our goals provides us the opportunity to articulate them clearly and makes their achievement appear closer. The best saying for this point is “I don’t have dreams, i have goals” and to turn dreams into goals, the first thing you do is to write it down. Where? In your journal!

5.  It has mental benefits.

Why? because it helps you to release stress and was proven by a few researchers especially teenagers. This is because journaling about your setbacks and difficulties that you had just facing made you re-live the experienced (while are writing it). But, this time you re-live it in a safe environment and free of stressing situation. Thus, it can help you think more clearly on how you can avoid or prevents this problem from happening ever again in your life. In other words, you can minimize and learn from your mistakes.

6. Increase your ability to plan.

Yes, this is what i did like i said before. I always had a plan and a list of what to do after i wake up. So it made me more organized and goal oriented person. Now every day I wake up, i know exactly what i should do and what is my priority.

7. Reflect  what you had learn today.

According to one of the  Fast Company’s article, the brains need a time to “re-codify” what we learned and what we experienced today. And the best time for this are when your are journaling and before you sleep . Because it had been stated that simply thinking about it is not enough. You have to wrote it down.

8. Tracking what we do and why we do it.

Because tracking is one of the way to analyze yourself and by tracking i mean journaling. As journaling will make us become self-aware to our goals and surroundings which  the most is the most powerful reason of all for keeping a journal. Keeping up to what had we done in our unique live since if you don’t like it, you can change it.

But, if you don’t know and forgot what had happened in our live, mostly we would just keep doing it like what we always do and expecting a different results. Which happen to be a crazy thing to do because when you do the same thing all over again you are going to get the same results.

So how do you do it?

Don’t worry guys, I wont leave you hanging. There are two practical ways you can learned from and do it yourself. These two ways are provided below. You can choose both or pick which ever you like. 

1. If you happen to be a readers, you can continue your reading at how to write my own journal and how to keep it.

2. But. If you happen to be a listener, you can continue your learning at the video below by Jim Rohn. Although it is a bit lengthy (47 minutes), it is a great video with lots of great insight guiding you from zero to hero about journaling. Totally, worth your every seconds.


Last but not least, I just don’t want you  listen and reads. I want you to take an action. Don’t let this knowledge that you just learned go to waste. Find you books and write it down starting today. As for me, I now had a second journal which are one for 2016 and the the other one for 2017.  I practiced what i preached and you should too.

“Action without study is fatal. Study without action is futile.”