A new beginning – A Blogging Journey

A Man With Many Dreams.

I had many big dreams that I wanted to be. For example, a profitable blogger, a great email marketer, greatest high ticket closer, hedge fund manager, full-time forex trader, online businessman, YouTuber, and even a Twitch streamer. And like most of the dreamers in the world, I dream during the night and work on my dream during the day. But sadly, I only do it halfway for every single dream I had. That is how big the resistant I have to face.

The War of Art

One of my favourite book

So I need to find a solution and I found it after reading  The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles. From this book, I learned that I need to turn into a “PRO” and end this resistant forever.  I would recommend this book if you have any problem with procrastination or resistant.


I Choose 9 AM in the Morning.

Although turning pro is not literally become a professional worker, it is more to change your mentally working mind and act like a professional. And a pro would never skip or miss its practice. That is why I need to pick my “PRO” time which I can stick every single morning without a miss.

Which Dream Should I Pursue?

Yeah, as I said, I had a lot of BIG dreams but there was a saying:

“You can Become Anything That You One, But You Cannot Become Everything”

Thus, I would follow the money. From, all of my dreams, the only dream that I make money is through blogging (especially this blog). Although the profit is just around $23 USD from Google Adsense, it is still the money I earned through my dream. So, I choose you “blogging”.

Therefore, from today onward, I will force myself to write on Malaya Journal every 9 AM in the morning for every single day until I defeat my resistant and achieve my blogging dreams. Doesn’t matter if I don’t have any idea to write, I will just force myself to write on my blog whatever comes to my mind.

Here’s goes nothing.

Help me God, for I am weak.


My YouTuber Dream ends today.

This is my first YouTube video and I know, it sucks. But,  still, I’m gonna share it with you guys. I got a pretty great idea  that I wanted to share with you guys:

P.S. A blogging job that can support my gaming lifestyle. Doesn’t sound so bad right? I love it.