It’s Time To Believe In Your Dreams

Sometime or someday when you you are working on you dream and things started to get super hard. This is the time when you have to give extra focus to believe in your dreams. Because one day you will forgot and started questions yourself.  Why did i even started in the first place? Why am I still fighting for my dreams?  Who am I fighting for? and so on.

And I want to tell that this also happen to everyone including me. But when I think that I already working for about a year now, why the hell not right? Why give up now? I can always go back to where it was but I wont. I feel like there is no turning back now. The only way is forwards and on to my glory days.

Do you feel like this too?

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Fortunately, if you you had faced this situation or  currently going through it, then this proof you are on the right track to success. Why? because you this kind of situation are preparing and nurturing you. This kind of situations are making you stronger and better at what you do. Staying in the comfort zone would never help you to do that. Taking a risk, challenging yourself and embracing new things are the one who will helps you perform at your peak.  Trust me on this one.


Why You Should Believe in Your Dreams?

Because this is the very first step. All of your dreams will come true eventually but it is going to start with YOU. You have got to have to believe in yourself first, because if you do not believe in it, no one will. Additionally, if you started to believe in yourself you would extorted this positive energy to yourself and even to your surrounding environment.

Your passion and your beliefs while working on your dreams are that will make the peoples in your surrounding to start believing in you. This is why, almost every successful people that I can think of,lots of people tends to like them, respect them and follow them.

In my experienced, at some part while I was working on my dreams, I felt like things got stalled and  like it is going  no where. Sometime I felt like crying (yes, I almost cried) so if you also feels like this, then we are on the same page. But What Did I Do to overcome this? Easy. I just read on my affirmation and goals inside my journal out loud when no one is listening. After I felt much better, I would think that achieving your dreams should not be easy. If it was easy all my friends would do it too, but why am I the only one who do it? I talked to myself and comfort myself. Then, I continue to write on my blog as usual with one goals in mind which is to become the best writer in the world.

Sound easy right? But actually it’s not. It’s about practicing. I had been practicing reciting my goals and affirmation for about 10 months now. I pretty sure my subconscious is on my side now. How to know that? I also dont know exactly how to explain but I can feel it. Because every time I felt like I want to give up or procrastinate, I felt like I just have to work more and keep on going.

It happens all the time now. When I started watching anime or TV series, my mind would felt uneasy since I am not writing. Unless i do something that are helping me reaching my dreams such as reading books or writing on my blog, only then my minds would relax . Most of the time, when I am watching something, I would skip it to the best part and finish watching it ASAP.

Eventually, I had force my subconscious mind to put on goals on top of my minds. It’s either I die accomplished all of my dreams or I die fighting. There is no other ways!


The Biggest Enemy is Yourself.

The secret is to turn your pain into greatness and use your pain to push you forward not backwards. Even if everybody is against you and I know it is a very lonely feelings. I know that feelings too because since I am the only one in my family and among my friends who is out of the comfort zones.  Most of them, just keep on graduating and then started to fill in jobs vacancies like the normal people would do. Then, they settle down when things started to get comfortable . How predictable is that. I would never do this and I encourage you not too.

But how? Easy enough. You create your own perfect situation. Because most of the guys who stays in the comfort zone keeps on waiting to the perfect situation to come to them. If you ask them, do you want to start you own business? or do you want to chase your dreams?. Their answer would be yes of course, I want to!

But, they just keeps on waiting for the perfect opportunity. However, champions and winners would never do that because they understand that there is no perfect opportunity that are going to come if you keeps on waiting. The only way opportunity will come is through hard work and commitment to success.

Greatness is a few small things done well. Let me repeat it again, “few small things done well” not waiting for it. At this point, you would now doing these few small things and it is not going to be easy. But, you have to sacrifice for it. Yes, YOU have to pay the price because sacrifice is one of the ingredient for success. Without it, there is no greatness.


Be a doers not a talkers.

When Misery visits?

What would you do? Would you thrown in the towel on your dreams? Of course not right.  But if you do, stop reading this blog and go back to your “safe” life. Because this blog is a place where future champions or winners are borned and seeking knowledge. Now lets get back to the misery.

The things that I would do and that you would probably do when misery visits is the same to all other people. I would started to think about giving in or giving up. But, never feel shame at all. Sometimes winners thinking about quitting too but they did not do it because doing and thinking is not the same things. So why bother right? If you think like me, then we are on the same page.  Like an old saying “Great minds think alike, small minds rarely differ“.

What Did I Do to Overcome Misery?

It would be the same as above but let me repeat it in a point form below:

  1.  I read my affirmations and goals out load from my journal.
  2.  I talk to myself and I started to believe in myself.
  3. Then, I continue on working.  I just show up and do it every day.

Note to all readers: Remember, the misery will always come passing by but never to stay. It only come to prepare you.



To sum up, I want you to know you that it is a normal things when sometime you started feeling down and questioning yourself. It happens to me also. Sometimes I felt like giving up and started sending out resume to companies for an interview. But just right before I wanted to send it, my subconscious would come and said Don’t you want to achieve your dreams? Do you want to live the the masses?

The answer would be yes and no because I had made my decision months before that I will work towards my goals. I choose commit to my dreams and I want to make it a reality. And this is when things started to change. I would feel unstoppable. All it takes is for you to believe in your dreams and this is what I believe. I am willing to die for it. Are you?

There’s two kinds of people in this world when you boil it all down. You got your talkers and you got your doers. Most people are just talkers, all they do is talk. But when it is all said and done, it’s the doers that change this world.
― David Della Rocco