10 Most Fascinating Ted Talk Videos Ever for Free Now

Since i had been entering the You Economy and starting up my own blog, I kind of need some guides and a few tricks to keep my momentum running on. So that is why I had been watching a lot of Ted talk videos on YouTube and in my opinion,their videos are full with new kind of knowledge that i don’t even know exists.

Moreover, Ted talk videos only ranging between a 10 to 17 minutes per video. Why? Because this is a talk not a lecture and within the time provided, the brilliant speaker will explain to you their ideas to us straight to the point. Additionally, I found that almost all of the ted talk videos are very useful and more importantly it is free.


What is TED  talk videos?

Ted talk is a nonprofits and activism organization which main purpose is to convey an ideas worth sharing and inspiring usually in a short talk. At most is 18 minutes.  During that time, a speakers will convey their message loud and clear as well as creatively.  The types of talk can be various  and very diversity such as the big idea, the tech demo, the small idea and many more.

The most important things TED talk share and welcome all you to benefits from their talks whether at their TED.com or at their YouTube Channel. But for me,  I prefer the YouTube channel as it is more easy and very familiar to use. So, below i provided my top 10 best Ted Talk videos on YouTube. Enjoy.


Best Ted Talk Videos ever:


In this video, Tim Burton will provide you the reason why people love procrastinating and how to avoid procrastinate. With a very attractive graphic, the presentation is a mind blowing and well presented. Also, he has a blog called waitbutwhy.com which he loves to update sometimes in a month.


An ex-drug abused guy who will live in her mother basement turned into a millionaires talk about how to become a millionaires in three years. He only provided three key reason to become a millionaire which is very simple thing to do but people rarely do. The first one would be reading books (this is why i read  a lot guys). As for the second and third points, it would be a secret. You have to watch it by yourself. Hehe. Just a 10 minutes video only.


A guide to draw you current and to your desired new reality. After i watch this video, i straight forwardly draw my own current state and desire new reality. I even borrow my color pencil from my youngest sister to color my drawing. But, i wont be sharing my drawing with you guys. My drawing is so bad (LOL). Maybe next time i will shared it to you guys, after i had drawn a new one.


Yes, this is a bit of of topic from business and books but the point that i want you all to know that nutrition to minds is as important as nutrition to the body. Because your brains will used up the most energy in any organ’s in your body. That is why we should be filter what we read and what we watch. More explanation on this will be explained to you by the speaker above.


For this video, my manly tears almost drop when i heard that this guys had died a months after the video was posted on YouTube. Sam Berns who has a sickness called Progeria which is a rare rapid aging disease. Not to forget, all his philosophy of life is very valuable to us. Sam Berns will teach you how to have a happy life even though you can’t do a lot of things.


Yes, this ted talk videos is my favorite one if you had read on last post about how i love to wake up early. The speaker will tell you exactly the 12 reason why you should wake up early, how waking up early change his life and why you should try it too. Because of this video, I suggest you to join the challenge too by using hashtag #21earlydays.

If you dont how to wake up early check out the secret of waking up early or read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. Finally, make sure you hold on into it for straight 21 days. Then, after 21 days, come back here and comment on this post how do you feel. Deal?


A women with a 10 years career in modelling shares her experience in the darkside of modelling career. She will explained to you why the picture in the magazine and posing is not really her. A really great sharing i must say.


This is a good one also. This woman name is Hyeonseo Lee and she is from North Korea. In this ted talk videos, she will shared to you how bad it is to live in North Korea and how hard it is to get out from it  It takes here a lot of money to bribe his family out of the country and 14 years to settle from running.


As for this ted talk video, they gives Tony Robbins an extra time because he is a well know speaker who love to contribute a lot. In this video, he will explaining about the art of fulfillment and the power of emotions which can shape your every existence.  Find out more in the video.


Last but not least, a ted talk video by a neuroscience sharing his experiences on why his mind is clouding him from thinking rationally when you under stress situation. Although, he already new this because he is a neuroscience guy but when he was under stress, his mind also get cloudy. So, he will provided to you a few ways and ideas on how to combat this situation properly. A good insight on how the brains works also.



All this Ted talk videos is what i fond out to be effecting me a lot in my daily business life and most have them has views above 1 millions. Hence, I would say that this is a prove that this top 10 video give a huge impact on peoples online. So i feel so inspired to compile it into one place and share it with you guys. Hope it helps.

P.S. Don’t forget to share fi you like it and comment if you want to ask anything at all. Thank you.