How Bill Gates Use q&a Session to Create a Billion Company?

Probably you all know about Bill Gates right? So I don’t think I have to tell you who is he and what he does for a living. Because he’s like the richest man on earth according to Forbes. Since he shows an outstanding performance when he becomes the richest man on earth for like 20 years consequently, I bet you all keep asking how did he do it. That is what we are going to discuss.

It’s all started when he asked a”great question” to himself.  The question would be “How can I create a software that can control every computer in this world?” and this question becomes his starting point. From this question, he knows what he was going to do and where he was heading.

Finally, it leads Bill Gates and Paul Allen working side by side creating Microsoft, a billion-dollar company that acts the basic language program for most of the computers. Since then, every investor started looking for the next Bill Gates. So are you the next one?

I decided to split the Q&A strategy into two part for you all to understand better. First one is the process of creating the great question and the second one is finding the best possible answer. Here goes nothing.

1. Ask a great question.

The first thing you should know when trying to create your great question is you have to understand the character of a great question. Meaning that your question should powerful, big and specific. With this question, it will push you, stretch your limits and direct you towards your dreams.

To make it a big and specific question, you going to need to follow all the steps provided below:

  1. The question should be challenging to you.
  2. It’s going to need a great answer.
  3. It pushes yourself to look around or doing some research (lots of reading) to find the best possible answer.
  4. You’ll have to stretch what your belief of what is possible or not.
  5. It should avoid you from making unnecessary work that does not contribute to answering the great question.

The second one is you should only have one question only. Not two, three or four! Think of your great question as your final destination and where you are going in life. However, if you have three or four destinations at the same time, where are going then? Probably you will just get stuck at the pitstop! So you must avoid this kind thing from ever happening to you.

2. Find Your Great Answer.

The next Q&A step is finding out your ONE great answer and this step is not going to be an easy one (spoiler alert).  A far lot harder than finding your great question. This is because according to Gary Keller who wrote The One Thing, an answer comes in three categories, which are:

  1. Doable: Setting a doable goal is just like creating a task to cross off your list.
  2. Stretch: More challenging as you have to stretch your limit to achieve it. Also, a lot of people are doing it right now.
  3. Possible: Which can be perhaps a new answer that you came up by yourself through readings, research and so on.

But which one are you going to choose? It would be the third option. This is because all the highly successful people would understand the first two options but they reject it. As both of the first steps is common and it will lead them to become average. Thus, they are unwilling to settle for ordinary when finding the extraordinary answer is possible. They wanted the best possible answer to their great question and this how you should do it too! But how?

Two-step to find your great answer:

  1. Find your Role Model. In any industry that you are in, there will be a person that already achieve massive success in that industry. And mostly, someone would write a book about them on how did they do it. For example, Elon Musk already has a book him that you can read about how did he go through hardship while creating the Tesla and SpaceX. If you are an engineer who is trying to look for a role model, Elon Musk can be that person. It doesn’t have to be an in-person role model. Books will be enough, although the best role model would still be an in-person role model.  If you can’t find one, a book is probably the next best one. Remember this, success leaves clues and most of it was written in books.
  2. Stay on top trends and quickly master it. Whatever industry you are in, the world is changing rapidly. Thus, the one who can adapt the fastest will thrive and earn huge benefits from it. So this is why you need to cultivate the skill to quickly to master hard thing well. Cal Newport called this skill Deep Work and the big reason you should master it quickly is so that you will become the taught leader in that industry.

To sum up, some of you will take weeks, months and years to find YOUR great answer but that’s okay. No need to rush. Take it slow. Even Bill Gates always had a Think Week every year just think to find the next best answer. Yes, it will be challenging and you will evolve into a better person without knowing it. When this happens, this is when the magic starts and your answer will come out at last.

 ‘All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.’

– T.E. Lawrence –

Good Day.