How To Build Your Own Tribe That Will Support You No Matter What

What Do Building Your Own Tribe Means?

Building Your Own Tribe means simply to start creating and finding your own true fans, supporters, audiences or readers who will support you no matter what happen. And this is not your family! But they act like them which means there are like a family to your business or your company. In other words, they are your die hard fans like the one who had  supported the Apple, Samsung, One Direction or even Ariana Grande.

All of them had their own specific kind of tribe and their tribe act on their own without them telling them what to do. For example, every time Apple release a new product, their tribe would come early and make a very long queue hours before the store is open just to but the new release iPhone. The most hardcore one from their tribe, would even camp outside of the shop just to buy a NEW iPhone. Because of this,  no matter what you do, it is important for you to start building your own tribe.

And what if I say you can have this kind of fans too? You want to know why? Because your tribe is already out there and your only job is you just have to find it.


How Many Tribe Member Should I Have?

If you still in the early stages of your business, the magic number would be 1000 true fans. This is is all you need. Although the more you have, the better it is. For starters, you can start aiming for with 10 then move on 100 and eventually to 1000 true fans.

Plus, mark my words, building your own tribe is the most important thing to do in your business or whatever you do but, it is not going to be easy. As for me, because I am a writer, I am trying to find my 1000 true readers who will read my blog every single time I update my blog. So what about you? What did you do? What kind of tribe are you looking for? Write it on the comment section below.

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Why should You Start Building Your Own tribe?

  1. To create your raving fans. Because raving fans is the one who will helps you thrive in your business or even your concerts. The best example I can give to you is Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez because every time they released a new song on YouTube, it only takes y one day to go from 0 to millions of viewers. And don’t worry, you can do this too but only if you start building your own tribe now!
  2. To find your true followers. Yes, this is your main goals. The one who will keep updating and talking about you or what you were doing everywhere they go. You become like a role model to them and they become your true followers.
  3. Finding your loyal customer/readers then charged them. Why? Because if when you have a tribe on your own, your raving fans or your true followers will come again and again to support you. And this where the money will come to you. However, this should not be your main reason to create your own tribe. Because your tribe well being should always come first. After all, they are still human being who own a big bags of emotions. The trick is to provide value or help them first before charging them.


Benefits of Building Your Own Tribe?

  1. Words of mouth. Usually, when you have raving fans, they usually talks a lot about your products or your services. And this will provide a free marketing for you. In fact, you don’t even have to pay them a single cent to make them talk since they talk about it because they like it so much. Not because they have too.
  2. Support you every months. Yes, especially if you did a subscriptions products and they will be more than happy to subscribe to you. The best example I can give to you are New York Times, New YorkerFinancial Times, Wall Street Journal, The Economist and Time. Plus, These company had been alive for a few years but their subscription is up to few hundred thousands and some millions.
  3. They dont disappoint you. Because they trust you so much. Whatever you do even if you fail at something, and after you explained to them. They would understand it. They would give you a second chances and the best example for this is Justin Bieber.


Practical steps to Build Your  Own Tribe.

  1. Find your voice and based on your passion.
    • Be unique.
    • Don’t fake it.
    • Do not try to be someone else.
    • Stop trying to act like professional.
    • The more human you show to your audiences the better it is.
  2. Provide solutions to their problems. Yes, ask them what can I do to help them in life? If you have to, ask this question a lot. For example, my blog is to help people grow through reading books. Therefore, every time I updated my blog, I would provide recommended reading for them whether in business or personal grow. I want to help finding the next great book that they can read.
  3. Value over money. The trick is money should not be your main reason to build your tribe because if you do, your tribe can smell it. If you are just here to suck all their money away, then what’s the point? Then, they would leave. Remember that. Value always come first.
  4. Be consistent and commit to long term. Don’t give up if you still don’t find your tribe. Hey, I already said that it is not going to be easy right? Keep on doing the work and keep showing up. Commitment and persistent is the key.
  5. Impact millions or billions. Yes, this is how the top world class did it. They impact millions or even billions of people. Meaning that their tribe contains at least millions of people. But how do they do it? Easy enough, they deliver a world class experience to their tribe. So whatever you do, provide and gives the very best thing you can do to them.

Recommended Readings.

Note to reader: All these book below are only for content creator, content marketer, copywriter, business owner, marketing executive and startups entrepreneurs.

1. 1 Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib.

2. Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger.

3. You A Writer (so start acting like one) by Jeff Goins.


Building your own tribe must become your main mission when you start anything. If you are a writer like me, then you only need 1000 true fans who will keep on reading your blog.Then, you just keep on building your own tribe. On the other hand, if you are in business, your marketing and advertising should be focusing on building your own tribe too which are the one who will become your loyal customers. If you still did not found it, keep looking until you find one.