How To Use Time Blocking Like Ultra Successful People

A few months ago, time blocking is  still a new concept to me.  But after I found it  to be very useful when I am training myself to become a world class writer and cartoonist, I started using it every single day. Why? Because I have a big problem with my productivity since I dont have any bosses to tell me what to do and a deadline to meet. And I felt like I need to solve this problem fast since this is my dream that I am talking about. If i keep on ignoring it and sacrifice my productivity. Later on, my dream will become the sacrifices and the worst thing is, I might have to go back to my 9-5 jobs.

Luckily, I found a book called The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results written by Gary Keller & Jay Papasan and it has become one of my favorite book. More importantly, the authors taught me how important it is to start time blocking today. Plus, I learned that to become great at what you do you must complete the 10,000 hours rule and you do it everyday until you reach it.

Also, the authors encourage me to do it for 4 hours everyday for a 10 years straight to complete the 10,000 hours.  Then you will become a master at what you do. Although, legends like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckenberg do it 8 hours a day. But, these are a legendary figure and they can do it because they are so obsessed.


What is Time Blocking?

Like i said earlier, time blocking is that you put aside a few hours of your time in a day to work out your most important works. And it has proven to be a very effective technique to manage your time and increase your overall productivity. During that 4 hours, you only do your One Thing only which your most important thing that you need to do. But first you have to find out what is the most important thing that you need to do to get your jobs done.

According to The ONE Thing, to find out what is your One Thing is you have to ask yourself ” What is the One Thing That I can do such that when i do it everything else will become easier or unnecessary?“.For example, I want to be a world class writing and cartoonist, so during this four hours, I would divide 3 hours for writing and 1 hours for drawings. Other things such as learning, reading, networking and running would be the least important thing.  The point is success is found in doing what matter the most not do everything that you need to do.


How To Protect Your Time Blocking Session?

To protect it, during your time blocking session, if anybody tries to interrupt you, just said that you already made an appointment and the appointment would be with yourself. And technically you are not lying because you are working on your One Thing not playing around.

Additionally, if you manage to do it for a few months, you college, your friends and your family would notice that, during this specific time (your time blocking session), you are working on your One Thing. And they will understand that you did not want to be disturb during this time unless it is a matter of life and death.


When should I Create My Own Time Blocking?

The best answer I can give to you is that it is totally up to you. Sometimes you have your own responsibility such to your family and so on. So i cannot provide you with a specific time. But, if you did know how to start your time blocking session, start from 8am -12 pm (4 hours/day). From then, you try to experiment it with your own specific time that suits you the best.

As for me, I usually start my time blocking at 4.15 am until 5.15 am and then I continue it back from 7.15 am until 9 am. After that, after taking my power nap, I continue my time blocking from 2.30 pm until 4 pm. The total would be just a little bit above 4 hours.

There you go, my own personal and specific time blocking session and I had been  following it for almost 9 months now. Not to forget, I only manage to find this time after a few time of experimenting with it . Now, go create your own time blocking session and find out which time suits you the most.


Protect Your Time Block.


Protect Your Time Blocking Session at all cost.

Yes, the easy part is finding out your time for time blocking while the hard part is protecting it and commit to it. Can you do it? As for me,I had done for it for about 9 months now and I already get used to it. The trick is try not to over work, dont skip it and show up everyday. Spoiler alert, the hardest part would be in the first two months, after that, your habits will take care of the rest.

However, if you are having trouble protecting your time blocking because of people interruptions. I suggest you to check out all the suggestions as below:

  • Explained to the peoples who has a probability to disturb you during the time and said that “I had already made an appointment to myself“.
  • Find a specific place for you to work. So that the people would know that when you go to that place, you did not want to be disturb at all.
  • Learn how to say no to people.
  • Put a “Please Do Not Disturb” sign on your work desk.


For Best Time Blocking Results.

  • Write your One Thing in your journal just before you are going to sleep. I always do it 15 minutes before I go to sleep.
  • Write it on your calendar clearly and put it in a place where everyone can see it.

Why? because great success only shows up when time is devoted to become great. So after you found out your One Thing, make an appointment with yourself by writing it down. Then, tackle it down during you time blocking session.


Recommended Readings:

If you ask me, give me one word to describe both of these book below, it would be “fantastic”.

1. The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.

2. The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.


Bottom line is concentrate on your thought upon the One Thing at hand during your time blocking session and please do not multitask. To put it simple, time blocking is productivity greatest weapon ever build and we should all you use to achieve our goals.