The 3 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Invest Your Money like The Riches

Have your ever wonder how the hell did the riches always making a lot of money when investing? While the average guy who keep on investing rarely do and if they did making a lot of money, usually after 30 to 40 years after.  The questions is what did they do that differentiate from the average investor?

Well, today is the day that we uncover it one by one. Now, let me share with all of you what the riches do to earn monthly income from their investment.

The 3 ways are:

1. The riches start investing with a huge amount of money.

This is by far the biggest different between us with the riches. Because they usually start investing with at least a few millions of dollars. And since they got a few millions more in the bank it is a very good strategy for them. You can say that this is their secret weapon.

For example, if they have 10 millions in their bank, they can start to invest with 5,4 or 3 millions dollars. But, for an average investors, they usually start with 100,000 dollar and they started late. This is because, the riches love making more money using money while an average guy loves spending lavishly. They are trapped in the rat race. Which means they will take the longer time to reach millions of dollar. How sad right.

To combat this problem, we need to change our mindset to sacrifice now for a better tomorrow. And don’t worry. The solutions will be provided below. After all, who wants to retired late and always keep on depending on the government right.

2. They become the Money Lender.

“The riches rules over the poor and the borrower is the slave of the lender” – Pro 22:7

Lending your money is power. Because it will make you control over your money flow easily. Meaning that, you will receive payment every month with ease. Usually, the riches buy certificates of deposits or CDs, so that they will received the back money back with an interest rate for a period of time. Most of the time, it is provided by the big banks, meaning that the banks don’t use their money when someone borrowing the money from them. They use the rich guy money. That way both of them are profited. It’s a win win situation.

For example, when someone borrow the money from the banks with interest at 7% they would use the lender’s money (the rich guy money) to provide them the money. While the banks would pay let say 2% interest to the money lender. Hence the banks would still profits from the personal loans. They received the 5% payment every months from the borrower.

In addition, lets say the bank increase the interest rate to 9%, the money lender would received an increase in his or her salary. While the borrower struggling with the payment, the borrower live happily every months. This is the power of the money lender.

3. The become Venture Capitalist.

Venture capitalist is about funding a startup project or a new growing business that are consider to be the next big project. But, in order to become a venture capitalist you have got to own a couples of millions in the banks. A venture capitalist are like a group of private investor who owns a high risk investment portfolios.

Why high risk?

Because the invest a lot in a startups which he/she would not know whether it is going to be the next successful business or another failed business. And in returns for the funding, the receive an equity from the startups. Meanings they received a shares from that startups.

If it turns out that it is a great company and the founder sold it, for example at 100 millions dollars. They would received a percentage of that 100 millions since they own an equity of the startups. Let say, a venture capitalist owns 5% equity, than they would received 5 millions without doing anything. Easy money but very risky.



1. Save Your Money.We have to control our spending and stop ourselves from spending lavishly. Our future is more important than our present. Everything we do now will be the results of our future.

2. Increase Your Income. To do this, you need to educate ourselves so that we can become more valuable to market place. For example, you can learn how to increase your leadership skill, you soft skill and your communications skills. This way you can speed up your way to getting a promotion from your company.

3. Create Your Own Business. While this is the hardest one of all the solutions, this is the fastest way on how you get rich quick. It takes a lot of time and risk to go for it. But, if you do, your life will never be the same again because getting rich quick is doable but never easy. If you did not know what kind of business you can start, check out these 5 ideas for starting an online business.



To become rich and successful in investing you have got to become rich first so can invest more money while you are still young. They is no other faster way than this. The best way to speed up your investing and achieve your financial is creating a successful business system and sell it to the highest bidder. Or you can grow your business until you become a millionaires. And of course, it is not easy. But, what what do you expect? If it was easy, everybody would become millionaires.

Every rich people have their own kind of experiences that they have to face to achieve the millionaires or the billionaires tittle. And they endure it for at least 4 to 10 years before it happens. They is no short cut for this. If you are ready to change your life and become a millionaire, I would suggest you to read The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco. MJ DeMarco will guides you to have a millionaire mindset  and for me it is a total life changing books that can speed up your way to reach your financial freedom.

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