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Ending My Twitch Streamer Dream

As I was saying before, I need to work on my ONE dream only and provide total focus to enter deep work when blogging. Thus, my other dreams such as becoming a YouTuber or Twitch streamers will end today. But Why? Because this is what I learned after reading a book called Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown.  

A Great Read.


From that book, I learned about a chapter called Trade-Off and Greg said you that I can only become a blogger or a streamer. But, you cannot be both. So, pick a side and fight with all your might with the side you choose on. And, if you had read my new beginning post, you would know why I choose to blog.


Although, the main reason I pick ONE dream only is that so that I won’t dissipate my energy, time, money and resources into all of my dreams. With all the energy being dissipated equally, my dreams won’t go far at all. I had experienced first hand when I try to make all dreams come true. I understand perfectly why Greg said that.

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less


Therefore, when I only have ONE THING to do, my energy, time and money will focus on blogging and with persistent efforts and patience, I WILL AND I CAN DO IT. But the real question is:

How can I make 5000 USD/month with blogging when I only make 20 USD in a year of blogging?


This is the ONE goal that I will be focus on – 5000 USD/ month. I would take it as my current biggest challenges in my blogging journey. Don’t worry, I will find the WAY.


Why did I quit being a PS4 streamer?

Actually, I don’t just quit being a Twitch streamer just because of trade-off. I had my own other reasons and when I had a brainstorming session with myself, being a PS4 streamer dream is still uncertain to me. I had my doubts because:

  1. There is a bug on ps4 stream which is the viewers cannot send comments on my Twitch channel because an error has occurred. I don’t know why but I had been Googling for the answer for a few days and tried many things to solve this problem. But, the problem still won’t solve.
  2.  The lack of internet. Yeah, the second reason is about the internet. Apparently, my home wifi is not wide enough and my PS4 keeps keep disconnecting from WIFI.

With these 3 big disadvantages, I would leave my streamers dream alone and focus on blogging for the time being. 

I had always been a dreamer since I was a child. Every time, I watch any cool movies or TV series, I dream to become like them or even better. But, when I started working on it, I know how hard it was and most of the time stopped half way. But no more. I will not stop blogging until I get that 5000 USD/ month before 31 DEC 2019. It’s either I get that 5000 USD/ month or I die first. There is no other way.


The truth is, I got to accept hardship as necessary and I keep my faith even when everything has fallen apart. I will keep on fighting for what I believe is right. That is what made me courageous and fearless. I fight for what I believe in even when you don’t have the power to do so – that is what courage means. I don’t take hardship personally, everything is just strictly business.


And when things started to change, it gets a little easier as you get stronger. But I got to do it every day and that is the HARD part. I have to be willing because if I’m not willing, other people are willing to do it for me and I won’t let that to happen. Your “will” is a powerful weapon so choose your target wisely because it is limited.


P.S. Please share with me about your dreams on the comment section below. I would love to read about your goal and dream too.