4 Ways to Speed Up your Way and Grow Business Successfully

In the early stages of starting up your own business, it is going to hard and i am sure that all of you already know this. But there is way to combat this problem and speed up your way to grow your business. In fact, most of the highly successful people had been gone through this and face heads on with a success. The question is if they can do it, why can’t we? It is far from impossible just hard, meaning that we can still do it. But only if we do it the right way.

After reading, The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco, he said that starting up your own business cannot be outsources to a guy in India. It is a process that we, as an entrepreneur should be facing heads on. We have to face it not pass it to another guy to do it for. Expect the hardship, expect the sacrifices and respect the process. You are transforming into a successful entrepreneurs, of course it is going to be hard. Right?

Actually, the  ways below are simple than you can ever imagine but since it is so simple, people tends to neglect it. And when it become a habits, that is when the bad things started to happen. Moreover, to grow your business, you have to grow yourself first. It is like a leadership process, if you want to manage a group, you have to be able to manage yourself properly first. As simple as that. When you started to grow, your business will also started to grow.

If you are ready to grow, then read on.

The 3 ways to grow your business are:

1. Be extra focus on you works.

Focus are the things that can help you increase your productivity and produce great results. Ask yourself,

  • Are you easily get distracted or not?
  • How long can you do you take to complete your work?
  • Does it take a lot of time?
  • Do you love to procrastinate your works?

If all of the answers is yes then you need some prevention steps to combat this problems. Which is provided below. However, If you do not have this problem, then proceed to read on the second ways.

The Prevention step that can helps you be Extra Focus:

  • Put away all the things that can get you distracted from doing your jobs such as your phones and turn off your notifications and avoid playing social media.
  • Find a place that you can work peacefully. For example, your office room or even your garage. It can be anywhere in your house. and Harley Davidson starts their business in the garage!
  • Finally, every time you get distracted, take a pause for a moments. In that moments, you take a breath and count to 10 seconds backwards. Then you said i wont be distracted by that anymore.
  • After that, continue your works.

Why do need to get focus in works?

  • First, you want to get in the “flow” state of work. This flow is what we called a state of total focus where you will be doing you works productively and efficiently. To enter the flow, you need at least 15 minutes doing your works and every time you get distracted your need another 15 minutes to get back into the flow. The trick is to get in the flow for as long as possible. This is when your productivity will increase a lot.

2. Never multitasking.

Doing two things at the same time is not productive way to do your works. Which means multitasking is for the unproductive guy because our brains weren’t built to multitask. Multitasking only makes you think you did a more works but rarely completed or did a very good job at it.

If you are multitasking at works for your business, you need to stop doing it. I mean, you need to create a products or services that are top notch within your niches to thrive. But, you can’t do it if you are multitasking. The trick is to do one thing at a time.

The disadvantages of multitasking:

3. Self educate yourself.

Yes, you heard me. Keep on learning is the most important thing to grow your business. This is because we have to admit that in business, we are not going to understand a lot of process and problems that going to happens in the future. Meaning that we have to get ready for whatever is coming in our way.

Thankfully, nowadays, we have a lot of ways to educate ourselves such as:

  • Finding a mentor or a coach. This is one of the great way to fasten your way because learning directly from a successful person and mimicking them is very advantages. They probably have a lot of experiences that we can never gets inside a book. more importantly, they can guide us.
  • Read books. This is the most efficient ways and most economical ways to self educate ourselves. What we put inside our minds are what we are going to become. If we feed our minds we enough knowledge and practice it in our business, your business will grow in ten folds. And this is my favorite ways to educate myself.
  • Attend a great seminar. This is one of the great way that you can learn directly from the professional. Because usually, the professional will do a lot of seminar that can teach you to grow your business. But beware of the highly paid scam seminar or the free seminar. Because if it is too pricey or a free seminar, usually  it is a scam.

4. Don’t forget to exercise regularly, eat regularly and have enough sleep.

But what will happen if i dont do this? We are working on a business that can change our lives, isn’t it a sacrifice that we need to do. The answer would be a straight NO. Before sacrificing your healthy body for a greater good is not going to you some goodness in your life.

Below i just describe how a highly successful people named Arianna Huffington suffers from lack of sleep and paid the price:



The point is, all these four ways if you commit to it, you will see you business grow tremendously. But it takes time and a lot of process before it happens. If you notice, all of this steps is about changing ourselves to become a better person and this is the secret.

When you started to make a change in yourself everything will started to change. I promise you that. Unfortunately, this can happen just by reading this blog post, you must have a will to change yourself. I can tell preach to everyday and tell you a thousand while it still cannot change you even a single bit unless you want to change it yourself. It all started within yourself and I invite you to do it. Change yourself and grow your business along the way.