Episode 3: How Much Does it Cost to Create an App in 2017?

Today is about How Much Does it Cost to Create an App? and I am going to dig deeper into the true cost of building an app. Most of the cost will depend on what type of content you are going to create, what kind of sick design you want and so on. Frankly, the more pricey it is, the better it is. Let’s get on with it.

When you had a very big idea for starting up such as creating an iPhone app that can even beat the social media apps, it is very exciting feeling. You will want to create it so bad and I feel it too. Problem is, I am not a computer programmer and I don’t know anything about coding. So I ask myself, How Much Does it Cost to Create an App?

How Much Does it Really Cost to Create an App?

So to estimate the cost to create an app, I used to calculate the exact cost. The big advantages of this website are that you can estimate your app cost under literally under a minute. Doesn’t matter if you want to develop an app for iOS or Android or both. This website was created to solve this exact question. And for me, it is a very handy app cost calculator for those you want to know How Much Does it Cost to Create an App? Find out your cost now! Click the link.

However, the cost estimation can only be calculated after you done answering a few question as below:

  1. What type of app are you building?
  2. Do people have to log in?
  3. Do people create personal profiles? A profile means that some of the people that use your app will have to enter information about themselves that might be viewed publicly.
  4. How will you make money from your app? The upfront cost is cheaper to build than in-app purchases but in-app purchase can produce higher returns if/when you have an engaged user base.
  5. Do people rate or review things? Keep in mind, ranking systems can vary in complexity and thus impact your budget.
  6. Does your app need to connect with your website? This means you’ll need to make an API (or Application Programming Interface.) It’s how all your friendly apps talk to each other.
  7. How nice should your app look? Custom gestures, custom buttons, and custom transitions will cost you — it’s not cheap being pretty. You should know this.

My app cost estimation is around $42,400 USD and, it is a huge cost for me. But the advantages are now I know exactly how much I need to create Moneyless. It’s a good thing I found this website and it was created by a group of freelancers who had to create few hundred apps. They had worked with Google and many other big companies. So they are legit and their price range is pretty accurate.

As I was saying before, I don’t know anything about coding at all, for now, but it will not be forever. Also, that doesn’t stop me from pursuing and creating my dream app, Moneyless. I believe coding is a skill that can learn even if you are not born a programmer. It won’t be easy and I know it because Cal Newport explains about it in Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World. He said that that learning computer programming requires intense uninterrupted concentration and focus.

Although that is not the point. The point is, it can be done. Because in Deep Work, Cal Newport provided an example that a guy called Jason Benn from financial consultant start learning to program on his own by reading lots of programming books and even attending a notorious Dev Bootcamp: a hundred-hour a week course crash in Web application programming.

FYI, not all of the student who enrolls in this DEV BootCamp manage to graduate from this course. But, not for Ben. He even graduated as the top student in his class, after he manages to go deep into his programming Bootcamp, of course.

The key insight is, the deep work paid off and he manages to land a job as computer developer. And the job paid him $100,000 annually from $40,000 a year as a financial consultant. An amount that can continue to grow, essentially without limit in the Silicon Valley market, along with his skill level. Not to mention, within just 6 months after he quits his job as a financial consultant. So if Ben can, why can I?

In addition, the second problem is I don’t even have the money to pay them to create the Moneyless app. $42,400 USD is a lot of money, to begin with. The only logical reason is to create the Moneyless app on my own. Therefore, it would be cheaper and much more meaningful to me. I already started to learn on my own regarding Swift and Xcode language which is a language for creating iPhone app. I am trying to follow Jason Benn foot step. Wish me all the best guys.

For now, I will be keep on learning and study on my own to create the Moneyless app. This is my top priority right now. But I won’t forget to write my own written episode on this blog. To be continued.