How To Avoid Being Boring People

Being fame, desirable and admired by other people are one of the benefits of being a highly successful people. Sometimes they do it unconsciously while others practiced it. Yes, some of them practiced it and thus, this means that there is a way fro us to become admired and desirable by other people. As well as avoid being a boring people.

Usually, we can see a lot of highly successful people become the center of attraction, no matter where there go. They attract a lot of people easily.There must be some secret that they hold; but What is their secret? and here 7 of them.

They are Real.

They show they were just like us when they were starting out, even when they were already so successful. Oprah is a very good example for this point;  as she is very modest in everything that she does. She loves to donate to charity and helping people out although she was already a billionaire. Because this is what she was always was. No matter who she had become now, her core value were still perfectly intact inside her.

Moreover, they also deal with insecurities just like we have to deal with it and some of them even share it how they deal with it. This shows that they just human being like us. They also have problems that need to handle and they survive with flying colors. It also shows that it was never wrong to seek for help and not to be perfect at everything. In a way, flaws are what makes us unique and stronger.

They Live Fiercely.

In other words, they a risk taker. Because they know where they are a risk, there will be huge profits. They dislike living in their comfort zone and playing it safe. Roy T Bennet said it best, “You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Because of this beliefs, they live their life to the fullest by following their dream and passion.

And throughout this journey, they attracted a lot of people along the way. They easily gain a lot of people’s attention because most people afraid get out of their comfort zone. Because of this, they become somewhat people’s role model on how to get out of their comfort and live a successful life just like them. They want to learn from them.


Treat People With Respect.

Their words to love by would be, respect the elders and love the young ones. A trait which is very important if you want to avoid from becoming a boring people. If you did is right, it will show that you are a generous, caring and a giver. And by doing it right, it means that you cannot fake it.

You have to learn to respect people from the bottom of your heart. Additionally, they also give a lot because of this trait and it made them more easy to guide and lead people around them.  Simply put, they attract love instead of hatred.

They work hard to make an impact.

Like the late Steve Jobs once said,

We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why else even be here?
Steve Jobs

In fact, this is the biggest reason why highly successful people is not a boring people. They created an impact that is so great until it changes human lives and makes our lives easier. Because of this, we are somewhat owing them a huge favor. for example, cars, airplane, boats, rocket and so on. Zig Ziglar also once said that helping people to reach success is the fastest way to reach your success.

The best example I can give to you would be Thomas Edison. An inventor who had created the first light bulb after a 10,000 try and error experiments. He was a person who doesn’t know the word give up I would say. A great inventor indeed. For this reason, everyone in this century can use this light bulb to fill out the darkness.

They accept reality.

They know well enough and acknowledge that fighting for their passion and dream to change the world is not going to be an easy task. They know thy will face a lot of problems that they can never even imagine. Only a some of them will survive and the people who survive would belong to highly successful people.

Furthermore, they don’t expect an easy win. Instead, they expect failure along the way and seek to improve upon themselves every single day. They learn from the mistake, analyze and seek to grow upon themselves every day. Frankly speaking, they keep on learning and fighting.

They Forgive People.

In Islam, forgiving is greater that donating. And I believe that is very true. Because forgiveness is a big step for people to do. While a boring people keep on hating and seeking revenge, highly successful people keep on forgiving. Some of you may say it is a weakness but in fact, this is the traits that turn an enemy into friends.

Abraham Lincoln once said,

Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?
Abraham Lincoln

Couldn’t agree more to Mr. Lincoln. Why have enemies when you can have friends? Also, for best results, avoid toxic people which are the naysayer and negative people who keep wearing you down.

They have a life strategy.

Their goals and vision are clearer than ever and because of this, people would want to follow them. The reason is that most of the people don’t even have a goal in life and that made them become a boring people.

This is why goal setting is very crucial and even when things started to fall apart or no result occurs; they don’t budge. Their goals had been crystallizing so hard into their subconscious and made them keep on working persistently towards their destination.




Last but not least, being successful and desirable is kind of a package. while boring people mostly just play safe, these people took a lot of risks to get from where they are to where they want to be. Through this journey, they grow themselves and other people along the way.

Anything worth doing is going to involve discomfort, which is how you grow as a person and when life becomes unpredictable, this is where the fun is coming in. Don’t get stuck in stagnation.

So are we going to fight or what?