How To Create Your Own Buyer Persona?

First of all, the function of buyer persona is we want get inside the minds of of prospect or target customer. And if we manage to do this well, our marketing and advertising job can become more easily.  Nowadays, buyer persona had been use widely in business  especially if you own an online business because you dont meet your customer regularly. So to understand them, creating your own buyer persona for that specific target customer is essential if you want to thrive in the business.


What is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona means you are creating an avatar’s prospect with one purpose only. Which is to get  into the minds of your prospect. To know what they are thinking, how to influence them to buy your products and service as well as gained customer trust. It is one of the best tools you can use to get to know your customer. Meaning that, you put yourself into their shoes and  you try to think like them. In other words, you become them, temporarily.

A buyer persona also is a detailed exploration and description of your target customer and their lives. And it helps to tell their story so that you can visualize their need and their life from their prospect. Moreover, it’s also important to create a buyer persona for each type of decision maker or influencer you might encounter in your market. For example, if the customer usually came to you shops with her mother, then you would need a buyer persona for the mother and the daughter.


Why should I create a Buyer Persona?

To put it simple, we want to be able to understand more about target customer.

If you don’t have clear answers to these 2 questions below, then you may struggle in your business:

  1. Who exactly are your customers and what problem are you solving for them?
  2. How will your product or service succeed in the marketplace where others may have failed?

And Sun Tzu said it best, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” But, for our business, know yourself would be your business and your enemy would be your target customer.

Benefits of Creating A Buyer Persona.

  • Your marketing become specific instead of broad because you know exactly who are they, what they do and how their spend their time.
  • It helps you to save more marketing budget because you only advertise to your target customer only. This is a very good thing if you are just starting out.
  • It helps you to discover what’s holding your target customer from using your service or buying from you. Yes, you use buyer persona to break down their last defends.
  • You can help them provide better service and excellent products. If you’re product or service really are helpful and useful to them. Then, it’s just like providing a solution to their problem and of course they are more than willing to pay for it.
  • They become absolutely crucial when you want to crafting your message to your target market. Yes, this is the most important one. Crafting your message is not easy if you dont know who is your target customer.


Practical steps to create your own buyer persona.

Below is an example of my buyer persona , who is a fresh graduate who wants to start their own business online. By the way, this is just an assumption but it helps a lot to get to know them.

Example of my Create a Buyer Persona

  • Who exactly are your customers and what specific problem are you solving for them?

1. What are they trying to achieve/solves :

Launch and market a new cinematography business from scratch by using social media as his main website page. He want to Increase online traffic through his Instagram and Facebook page. So that he can increase his sale by using SEO, email marketing and FB marketing strategy properly.

2. Name: Syahir

3. Age: 25

4. Gender: Male.

5. Address: Klang,Selangor.

6. Education: Bachelor in Information and communication technology (ICT).

7. Does he/she have a staff?: No.

8. How did he spends his/her day? :  His spend his weekend shooting wedding video in various places. When he is not shooting video, he would be editing the video then post it on Vimeo and Instagram.

9. What are his/her hobby? : Post great picture at Instagram (he has 46k followers), play football or futsal in the evening and play DOTA 2 at night.

10. What did they do in their free time? : He would go to watch movies or go for a picnic with his friends.

11. What did he reads? : He reads newspaper regularly but he does not read books.

12. Does he/she use smart phone regularly? : Yes he is. His glued to his iPhone because his constantly texting his fiancee and scrolling Instagram and Facebook.

Occupation: Part time business man and freelancers. To be marry this end of year.

Married (Y/N): N

Children (Y/N): N


  • What is the specific problem that you can help with:

Overwhelmed, he does not know anything about starting a business and marketing. Lack of goals, dreams, motivation and self-discipline. Need helps to increase his online present, get new leads from marketing, and manage his Fb pages, need helps creating his own website and manage SEO marketing. The content on my blog will teach him everything he needs to know about all of the above for FREE.


  •  5 Places they spend their time online/offline to resolve this problem:

  1.  Facebook pages.
  2.  Instagram.
  4.  Asking for help with friends and family.
  5. Search Engine.
  6.  Mouth to mouth marketing- cousins, friends, friends of friends and last customer.

P.S. But if you have a picture is much more preferable because it helps you visual it.


Book recommendation.

Well, if you want to learn more about creating your buyer persona and crafting your message while synchronize it. Then, I would suggest you to continue your reading to these two books below. Because you will discover and learn how to get new customer, how to close sales without being pushy and how to craft the message for your marketing. These two books had helped me a lot in business and marketing strategy. If you are like me, then you have got to read this book. Please click the book’s picture to read the description on Amazon.

1. The 1 Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib.

2. How to write A Good Advertisement by Victor Schwab.



Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell, and advertise” ― Ted Turner

Be smart in business especially in marketing. Don’t waste your energy,  time and money doing things that you do not understand. Learn about marketing first and also the target customer. Then craft your message and advertise. The best way to understand about your target customer is by creating their buyer persona. You can use my sample above as a guidelines to create your own buyer persona.

P.S. And please share it to your other entrepreneurs friends. They may need this too. Thanks for reading.