How to Find The Next Great Books You Want To Read

Well, If you a reader and read a lot like me, then you probably have been wondering which next great books should I buy. Personally, for me, I would be frustrated if I buy a books that I don’t like and the worst thing is I cannot read it fast enough. It would take a few weeks to finish that book. For your information, usually it only took me less than a week to finished a book. So, if I read the book more than a week then it means thst the books is not so good according to me.

To combat this problem,  that is why every time I try to find the next great books for the month, I have my own specific procedure before I buy it. Fortunately, most of the time, i buy great books online and I hardly buy book at the bookstore because I would take a lot of time to pick which books should I buy. Sometimes it takes up to 1 hour.

But, some of you would think that all the steps provided below are probably sounds like a hard work. You just want to find the next great books. Why so serious? But it is pretty serious for me, since I buy books online every months and I want to able learn a lot from it.

I don’t buy a great books just because to satisfy my habits is to read but also because I want to educate myself and learn new skills. In fact,  I had embedded the procedure in my minds so clearly and it happen to be my second nature every time I try to find the next great books to buy. So, I don’t feel like hard work at all and i’m worth it.


I read books because I love them, not because I think I should read them.” ― Simon Van Booy


Where do I buy the Next Great books?

  1. The number one place I usually buy my books because most of the time when I found out the next great books, it would either out of stock  and not available in Malaysia. Yes, I live in Malaysia.  So that is why, would be first place for me to buy my next great books because they never let me down. They always have their stock although it takes about 1 months for my great books to arrive.
  2. Barnes and Noble. I had never buy any books from here but i will buy it my Jun’s great books here. So, I will let you know how it goes later. Actually, I already prepare my next great books in their cart. LOL. After I received my salary, I would just have to click the check out button and buy them. Can’t wait for it!
  3.  Kinokuniya. Since I live in Malaysia, Kinokuniya would be the largest bookstore in Malaysia and I love to buy from them. But, most of the next great books that I wanted to buy usually they don’t have the stocks. However, I buy at least ten books from  them already and I am a proud member of Kinokuniya.
  4. MPHonline. Lastly, I think this bookstore are only available in Malaysia and I had bought at least four books from them. Their service is pretty good. I received my books exactly three days after I ordered it online through their website. Fast and reliable indeed.


How I Survey My Next Great Books?

  1.  First, I usually check the ratings and comments on Amazon.
  2. Second,  I would read the lower star rating comments and the first five star comments. Because I want to know what is the pros and cons of this books. If i can tolerate with it then it’s great books. And sometime, the readers give a bad ratings because the books is not what they were expecting. I mean you cannot expect to please everybody man. Sometime the comments is full of negativity and you would want to avoid that.
  3. Third, I would check out the ratings and comments from but since they are a company belong to you can skip this step. But, I still check it sometime to find and read the sincere comments about the next great books that i wanted to buy.
  4.  Fourth, I would survey the price range between all the website I provided above. If it much more pricey in Malaysia, I would probably buy it from Amazon or Barnes and Noble and vice versa.
  5. Fifth, I would google about the next great books, because most of the time, if it is truly a great book, the books usually would be included inside a list on a blog post. For example,the books would be include inside a  “top 10 business books that every entrepreneurs must read” or something like that. And there would be a little description provided by the author.
  6. Finally, I would check out if there is a YouTube video about summary of the books.  Usually, I would survey at Fight Mediocrity YouTube channel but it is only for a non fiction books. So, if you are looking for the next great books for fiction, you going to have to search it yourself. But don’t worry, there are still a lot of YouTubers who do a lot of book reviews about a fiction book. Below are the example of Fight Mediocrity video:


Does it sound like a lot of hard work to you? You probably do. But not for me. I enjoyed it actually.  Since I don’t have a lot of money to buy every books that I found, I have to choose between the best of the best to read it first. I find it very thrilling indeed. So many great books yet so little time.


My Probably Jun 2017  Next Great Books.

Like i said this time I would try to buy from Barnes and Noble. So below are the four books that I will bought next month. I do hope it arrived not as long as take which is 1 months. That is the disadvantages of living in Malaysia if you buy books from On the other hand, have you guys read the books? If not yet, click the link to read the description but if you already read it, what’s your opinion about it?

    1. Hooked.
    2. Mastery.
    3.  Do the work.
    4. The War Of Art.


To sum up, this is just how I find and buy, the next great books that I want. You may said there is a lot of procedure but totally worth it, if you asked me. If you don’t want to follow all the steps, It’s okay. Just skip any steps that you don’t want to do it.  I don’t mind at all and I encourage you to try it. I mean if you don’t like it or feels like a lot of hard work, you can always go back to the way it was before.

Last but not least, if you had try this step, please share it with on the comment section below. Tell me how do you feel and what’s your experience while practicing the steps? I really want to hear it.


Life is too short to read books that I’m not enjoying.” ― Melissa Marr


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