2 Proven Method on How To Increase Concentration Power

We are all here for some special reason. Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future – Monk who sold his Ferrari –

Stop acting like you going to live for hundreds of years to live. Like an old saying goes, the best time to plant a tree is 40 years ago and the second best time is today. Most often many of us keep on procrastinating and lack of concentration while working, including me of course. Perhaps maybe we just need a little push to overcome this problem once and for all.

So that I don’t need to remind you and myself every month to work on your goals and today post will be devoted on how to increase concentration power. After reading The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and Deep Work, I found the two best way to on how to increase concentration power. I will explain it below. Read on my friends.

Develop a Deathbed Mentality.

What’s a deathbed mentality? It is a new way of looking at your life. A more empowering paradigm that will remind you that today could be your last. So you would favor the day to the fullest. Until you do not waste even a minute of your day.

The point of this practice is to avoid you from being lazy and procrastinate. Because when you adopt a deathbed mentality, you will live every day as if it was your last. You give out the best at everything you do.

Ask yourself, what would you do, if this was your last day on earth? Do you want to continue doing your “fun” job or not? If not, then you are probably on the wrong job. But, if you ask me, would you still creating my iPhone app, reading books and blogging if it was my last day on earth? The answer would be a yes.

Then, start thinking about what you can do. Find the answer to what you can do with your dreams, passion, family, and friends. What is the One thing that excites you the most? Is it blogging, inventing iPhone apps or some other things. Totally up to you. think about how wonderful it can be if you just took the action on your dreams.

Moreover, these deathbed mentality question alone has the power to empower your life. It will remind you, what you already lost and what can you do to avoid it from happening again. Then, it will energize your days and bring a rush feeling into your reaction. You would notice that your have so many things to do, yet you have so little time.

Create a Fake Deadline for Your Works.

To use this technique, you need to train a little bit. I learned this from Deep Work by Cal Newport and the first people to use this technique was Teddy Roosevelt.

Why? Because according to Edward Morris (an autobiographer) he has an “amazing arrays of interest”. That ranging from boxing, wrestling, running, bodybuilding, dancing lesson, poetry reading and the continuation of a lifelong obsession with naturalism.

For a student who had enrolled in Harvard College, Roosevelt sure had a lot of interest. But, in order to get a good result, he needs to create a fake deadline for his studies session. And by following through his fake deadline, he managed to earn honor grades in five out of his seven courses. What a guy he was.

How did Roosevelt do it? At first, Roosevelt notices he will need a great schedule to maintain his wide array of interest. Then, he begins his schedule by considering the 8 hours from 8.30 a.m until 4.3o p.m. After that, he removed the time he spent in recitation, classes, athletic training, and lunch.

The remaining time left on the schedule would be devoted only to study exclusively. Although the allocated time is not really that much. It didn’t end up in a large number of hours. But, he would get the most out of this time by working only on schoolwork and doing it with blistering intensity. Since his time is short.

As Edward Morris once said about Teddy Roosevelt “The amount he spent at his desk was comparatively small but his concentration was so intense, and reading so rapid, until he could afford a few more time off the most“. Meaning that Morris explained that although Roosevelt only spent a little time studying he manages to get a good result and spent time on his wide range of interest. It’s a win and win situation for him.

So these small hours are Teddy Roosevelt fake deadline working hours. And in this time, he will study with full intensity. No daydreaming, no coffee break and no distraction at all.

Last but not least, push yourself to act and do more. So you can experience more in life. When you work, work hard. Harness your energy, commitment, persistence, and burning desire to start working on your dreams. Do not accept a life of mediocrity when you hold such infinite potential within the fortress of your minds.

Have a go now! Stop wasting any more of your time. Try developing deathbed mentality and create your fake deadline. Currently, I am still practicing working like Teddy Roosevelt since my deathbed mentality is pretty strong. I almost shit myself every time I thinking I am about to die. LOL. The trick is don’t overthink.

Practice this two strategies and make it your habit. It would be your best investment throughout your life. Because when this two embedded deep into your minds, you will attack any task or work at hand with every free atom and neurons you have until your mind give out your unwavering barrage of concentration.