How to Make an App with No Programming Skills?

After giving a go to become the best app creator in this world, there was just three big problem that I need to solve. First, where to learn how to make an app with no programming skills and the second one is, how can I become great at making an app?

Days later, I found a few books online that can actually help to understand how Swift and Xcode works to make an app. At that point, I know, I need to do a lot of learning since I am a chemical engineering graduates after all. Suddenly, a third problem came out of nowhere which is I’m doubting myself. I kept asking, can I become a great app inventor? It sure sounds a lot from a chemical engineer trying to become an app inventor.

What Did I Do?

I remember what Professor Carol Dweck said, you have to have a growth mindset if you want to be able to learn anything. Why? Because having a fixed mindset is not going to help me. So I began calling myself a writer and an app inventor, which was something I did to declare who I am going to become in this world.

The first step I do is I wrote I am the best writer in this world and I am greatest app inventor on my personal journal. Then, I wrote about, I am a writer and an app creator on my social media account including LinkedIn. To let my friends know what I am going to become. I don’t care if I failed or not because I just want to do it and forged my own path.

I called this practice self-actualize and the point of this practice is the more I did this, the more people believed my dream, and therefore the more I believe it. And over time, my self-doubt is forgotten. I hold down my believe to ALLAH with whole my heart that only HE can provide me the success I am looking for.

On the other hand, the reason many of us never self-actualize is that it is easier to play role in life than it is to become ourselves. And it is easier to conform to what people expect who you will become than it is to stand out. I know it is hard because it happens to me. A lot of people keep doubting me. But at some point, people around you will know you have got to do this.

Eventually, I have to decide who I am, what I am going to be and you will too. As Jeff Goins wrote in Real Artists Don’t Starve “We don’t fake it till we m ake it, we believe it till we become it.” In a way, you re-create yourself to become to who you always wanted to be. You can become anything that you want. As for me, there is not turning back now and this is how I want to live my life. I want to be a writer and an app creator.

Next, I start to find books to buy for my self-learning programming course to become the greatest app inventor. Insha’Allah. And I found two books that are on top of best seller list in called Objective-C Programming and The Lean Startup. Both of this is a great book for me for starting to learn on how to make an app. I am going to buy it and study it.

Over this journey, when it comes to learning I expecting myself to find facing a new challenge at every turn, and when you do face it too, remember that we are never done becoming who we are. It is a lifelong journey. I never think I can become elite writer and expert at making iPhone app that sells a lot by just reading a few books. I know it takes a lot of hard work. If it were that easy everybody would do it.

One thing I learned, in my experience, when it comes about learn new things. We make our lives more meaningful by constantly challenging ourselves to new heights. Like an old saying, a smooth sea never made a fine sailor. These challenges are preparing us for the greater day, it made us better at crafting what we do.

Another thing is the learning proxy to become the best at what you do never really ends. It is a never-ending process and a continuous cycle. We just don’t do it once, we keep on learning again and again throughout our lives. It is a journey of becoming, in which we never really arrive at. Just like Hemmingway once said,  “We are all apprentice in a craft where no one ever become a master”.

The key insight is, if you want to become what you wanted to be, you must be willing to do the thing that I did above. I read books a lot, I keep on learning throughout my life and I believe in myself that I will become that person. There is no way you can make an app with no programming skills. Don’t fool yourself.  Understand that our worlds begin with a decision. Will you assume the role we’ve been given, or realize it’s never too late to become who we are?

Life is not fixed. Things are can be changing just like a fat person can become skinny person while another fat guy cannot. We are either becoming more of our true selves or drifting into a fake self. So we must keep experimenting in life. Venture out into the unknown world in search of the new and the unexplored. Every highly successful entrepreneur do this their entire lives. They keep finding new problems to solve and provide a solution that peoples don’t care to pay for it.

To do this right, you have to let go of who you think you are or must be. Even you have no idea what new identity awaits us. It literally happens to me right now. I don’t even know if I can become a great writer and an app creator or not. But, I believe ALLAH had put something for me in my path. All my efforts will not be wasted. Insha’Allah,

What’s out there, however scary it may be, is almost certainly better than staying where we are now. Stop trying to fool yourself and I am sorry if I hurt you in any way while reading this post.