Money Journal Apps – Episode 1

Arming myself with Steve Jobs quote, “We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why else even be here?” and a burning desire to make my dreams come true, I am going to share with you and the world what I am thinking right now. A big idea that will change this world.

I had this idea for a while now and I had been thinking to make it a reality. More like to make it a dream come true. Although, I know that I will not be an easy task. I don’t even know where to start, but after I re-read The Idea in You: How to Find It, Build It, and Change Your Life, this book really manages to give me a head start. I know exactly what I should be doing right now.

The first step would be to share my idea with the world. BTW, I called it Money Journal apps for now, because it is about managing your money. However, I need to change the name later, because someone already creates an app called Money Journal. I still thinking about the new name but today I am just going to be focusing on the app itself, not the name. In addition, this app is my next big idea after my creating my dream blog, Malaya Journal. Now, I am know going to tell you what kind of apps is I am going to build.


What type of apps is Money Journal?

First, it is a financial app and it is called Money Journal because it can help you manage your money with ease and track your daily expenses. The main function of this apps would be to track your expenditure easily. With this apps, you don’t need to handwritten your expenses in your journal and calculate it manually every month or whatsoever.

I mean we live in the 21st century. Making it easier with the help of technology is the best thing I can do. Also, when you use this app, you would know exactly how much you spend on everything you spend during that month. And I want this app to be as practical as possible so that everyone can use it. No matter how old you are, kids or a grown up. It doesn’t matter. This app is for everyone.


Why create Money Journal apps?

I created this app after I start calculating my monthly expenditure from November 2016. I found it very annoying when I had to write down everything that I spend although this is only your can control your expenditure. Every time I buy something, I updated my expenses on Microsoft Excel in my laptop. But, I don’t usually bring my laptop everywhere I go.

So, it is not very practical as I can only record my expenses when I am using my laptop and sometimes I forgot to update it. For this reason, it generates an idea that what if I can create apps that can track your expenditure easily.

Additionally, I want to create Money Journal apps because I want everyone to track their expenditure and become financial literate. Because we live in a world where you can shop with just a few clicks and It can become bad habits if you did not control it.  So, Money Journal apps will act as a reminder for you.


Money Journal apps characteristic.

  • At the end of the month, Money Journal apps will send a report of your expenditure with graphs, data, percentage, and charts to show how much you had spent during the month. This app can also train your kids to track their spending and you can receive their monthly report through your emails. This way, you can monitor your kids and your own expenditure with no problem.
  • It can detect your expenditure by scanning your receipt and your cards which are very fast and reliable. You don’t need to write down your expenditure one by one on Money Journal.
  • It can help you save your money. Let’s say you want to save $100 every month for a year. Using this app, you can make a reminder every month without fail. And Money Journal will show you, how much you have saved.
  • Helps you calculate how much you can loan from the banks. For example, it can estimate how much money you can pay for your house with your current expenditure and salary.
  • You can also link your investment portfolio with Money Journal so that you can monitor your investment regularly.
  • Helps you calculate your current or latest net worth.


Why share Money Journal idea?

FYI, this is my first time sharing my “big” idea online and I don’t know how many people read it. However, the main reason I share Money Journal idea in this blog is that I don’t have enough money to get my idea going.

In other words, I am looking for investors to fund my Money Journal apps. I believe it is a big project that can change how people spend their money and I cannot do it alone. I also looking for software engineer and co-founder for my project.

But the main reason I share this idea is I want to make my dream a reality. I don’t this idea to stay in my mind and then forget about it. It’s time to work on it and I need your help. In a way, I want to free myself with this idea and creating a team is the first step.

So, if you want to be my co-founder and you want to work with me developing Money Journal apps, don’t be shy to contact me especially if you are a freelancer. BTW, this is a startups phase so money is so tight right now since I am currently looking for investors. However, if you from a website or apps developing company, you don’t need to email me, especially if you are from India.


Can I donate to this Money Journal apps?

Sure, of course, you can. Every dollar you donate is very much appreciated and will be directed to this apps startups. You can donate it by clicking the donate button below. Like an old saying, if you have one dollar, you have plenty to share.


I believe with full faith that this app will be so awesome and overthrown the Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter. Because Money Journal apps will be creating a real value that helps people managing their money and guide them personally. While the social media apps will just keep for entertaining purpose and wasting your time most of the time.

My big question would be, can I create apps that can control people daily expenditure? I believe I can and I will make it a dream comes true. To be continued in the next episode.