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The last time I told about a book was probably in the last post. And it is about the 4 discipline of execution. A great book indeed and I just return to the library on August 11. Then, I started to find my new book to borrow and after 30 minutes of looking around aimlessly, I found a new book about Islam as the way of life. It is called You Are The Best by Dr. Mohd  Shafie Md Amin.

For your information, I had always wanted to buy this book but I don’t know where can I buy it. Suddenly, I saw it on the rack there and no one was touching it. I saw it and I grab it instantly. ALLAH is the one that shows me this book and it means something. Actually, I already met Dr. Shafie, the author at least 10 times I think. Since the author is a regular scholar came to our Masjid Jamek Ar Rahimiah Klang to give out Subuh Speeches session. In fact, he gave speeches at the Masjid at least two times a week.

One more thing, he also teaches Bahasa Arab Al-Quran from 8 am to 9 am after breakfast and last week is the first time I joined the class. The class is great. I learned a lot especially about surah AL-Baqarah verse 59. Because he explained the meaning word by words. So it was a bit easier than reading the translation myself.

The One thing he always taught me is that everything you do, you should do it for ALLAH. But how? Easy, when you do something you must obey the Sunnat-Ullah. For example, when you are eating. How can you eat for ALLAH? First, you eat because of ALLAH and second you obey the law of ALLAH had stated in the Quran. That is how you eat for ALLAH.  eat healthy food, do not eat haram food and do not eat excessively. As simple as that. But never that easy huh. Even for me.

For instance, you eat healthy food, you avoid eating haram food and you do not eat excessively. As simple as that although it was never that easy huh. Even for me.

I believe ALLAH make me borrow this book for a great reason. I always pray for ALLAH to show me the answer of what should I be fighting for and this book could tell me how and what to do. Thank god for that.



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