Top 10 Business Books that Will Make You Succeed in Business

First of all, all these top business books i had already finished reading it. So this is a summary of what I learn from all these books and these are the books where every future entrepreneurs must read. Because these books had open up my minds from what I cannot even imagine to be done but already been done by other successful entrepreneurs. If you did not have time to read all these books, you can read the first five books.


Now let’s get started,

The Top Business Books are as below:

1. Content Inc.

A reverse engineering process of creating your business. A mind blown I must say. Because the usual ways of people creating their business is by creating products or services first and then you started to sell. From then, you started to build your raving fans and customer. But not for Content Inc. This books explain how we can create our tribe first and when they started to trust you. Only then, you started to sell your products and services.

Before reading this books I dont even know we can reverse engineering a business. I thought it only works in engineering or science departments. More importantly, this books provide all the necessary proof and how you can do it too. Totally worth your time.


2. 1 Page Marketing Plans.

As always, I already explain how good this books so many times in my last blog post. But, the marketing technique is so easy to understand and all are proven methods used by most successful entrepreneurs. If you execute it like the 9 steps provided, your business will never be the same again.

The business system you will be learn from this books would be the best thing you can learn in any business books.



3. The Millionaire Fastlane.


Your road to millionaire fastlane will never open unless you read this books. The formulas and the principles to become a millionaires are provided in this books. Unless you get out from the sidewalk roadmap and slowlane roadmap, you will never get rich quick and trapped in the rat race forever.

But what the hell is sidewalk roadmap and slowlane roadmap? To understand these terms, you have to read the books yourself because to explain it here is against the rules.


4. Secrets to Millionaires Mind.

A  2 step way to transform your life and thinks like a millionaires. This books will open your minds to the millionaires minds. How did they think? How did they do it? All explain in this books. Totally worth your time.


5. Think and Grow Rich.


A proven successful step to grow yourself and become rich if you follow the 12 steps provided by Dr Napoleon Hill. The 12 steps to think and grow rich is completely extraordinary. I had never felt so pump up after finished reading my books. This books change the way i think about the riches forever. Also, I had been using Dr Napoleon affirmations techniques for a few months now.

6. Power of Habits.

Written by Charles Duhigg in and divided into three parts which are the habits of individuals, the habits of successful organizations and the habits of societies.  The most important thing, Charles will teach you how to acknowledge the habits and how to changes it. For me, this books is very useful because to change your bad habits to a good habits that can change your life is the goal. Not to forget, habits is what keeps us being successful in life.


7. The Lean Startups.

What i learned from this books are the simplest steps for a lean startups which are you are entrepreneurs, you are in the managements and you validate what you learning. Then you build, measure and learn from mistakes. Finally, you do innovation accounting meaning that you focus on improvements of the products or services.

To put it simple, do it first, reevaluate, learn and do it again. In fact, this is a great books to ensure that your startups phase is on the right track and speed. The authors will provide you with ways to deal with your startups phase. It is an extraordinary way to ensure the exits of your startups phases.


8. Give and Take.

The reason why it is so important to give to others. Becoming a givers had prove people to become more happy,successful and richer than takers. Why is that? Adam Grant will show you the ways and explained to you how and why you should start givings today. Never felt so pumped up to donate and givings to others after reading a books, not even after reading Tony Robbins books.  In additions, it is the secrets of the riches to give more to others.


9. Zero to One.

To differentiate your products or services and become the pioneer and monopoly the market places. Peter Thiel is one of the co founder of PayPal which was sold for 1.2 billions dollars. Now, he owns a few companies and becomes a venture capitalists. This book will provide you everything you need to do forged you own new markets and become its pioneer in the industry. Additionally, if you want to know how did Google making s much money through their search engine while monopoly the industry, you can learn it in this book.


10. Psychology of Influence.

As for this books, Robert Cialdini will teach you how to influence your customers and people to buy your products. A very good explanation inside this books. Other than that, Robert also provide “how to say no” if you happens to get influenced by these kind of psychology. A truly remarkable books indeed with so many valuable information inside.



Note to readers,after you read all the top business books, you have to practice what you learn! Nowadays, knowledge is not power. It is only half of the power. The other half would be practicing it in real life situations.

“Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it” – Lao Tzu

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