6 Ways that will Help You Overcome Challenges In Life

Overcome challenges such as the difficulties, problems, setbacks and bad lucks were the things that every winners have to get through before achieve massive success. Unfortunately,  they were also the things that made people quit or give up, sometime without even trying. The fear of failure and the fear of taking a big risk had made people become afraid to achieve their dreams and goals in life. But, What if I tell you that there is a way to overcome challenges?

And it does not matter  whether  you are a king, a CEO, an executive, a corporate leader, an accountant or even a janitor. There is always a way to overcome challenges and these challenges will always be there with you. It is a part of our life and if we don’t  want to solve it, it will never go away. Not even if you running from it.

Instead of running,hiding or quiting, we should  face it heads on because that is what a champion would do! Also, this is what i had been trying to do for almost a year now. Every time I face a problems, I try to settle it as soon as possible and I felt so relieve and satisfied after each time I manage to solve it.

Three types of person who overcome challenges.

1. Winners.

These kind of peoples, they know what is their goals, they know what they are going to do, they have a plan and they believe that they will achieve it no matter what kind of problems hit them.  They understand that achieving their dreams is not about how you punch every obstacle in life but it is how you get up every time you get up every time you punched. In fact, they do not blame other peoples when they failed and they do not whining when things get super hard. What they do is they just keep on working, practicing and mastering their craft until they win!

2. Losers.

The loser were the one who settle down and quit immediately every time things get hard. They don’t even try that much and willing to let go of their dreams just to keep playing safe. What they did not know is that playing safe is much more risky that taking a risk. For example, if you keep on working on a 8 to 5 job, you may get layoffs from the company for some reasons and you cannot anything to stop it. But, they still think it is much more safer.

Moreover, these kind of group also gets comfortable settling down. After a while, they stop growing, they stop working on themselves and they stop pushing themselves. And finally, they throw their towel on themselves and on their dreams because they are just not willing to take the risk.

In addition, this kind of people were always complaining, dreaming and feeling hopeless in life. If you read this blog, I don’t want you to be in this group at all. But, If you were once in this group (like me) its should end today.

3. The winners who still did not discover it yet.

Yes, this group is probably most of you guys if you just started reading my blog. You would come here to learn and to discover what is your calling. And you have come to the right place. These groups just needs a little motivations to push themselves to reach their goals because they already know their goals, they just don’t know how.


Practical Step To Get Overcome Challenges.


The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” ― Molière

  1. Be determine. Ensure that you must want to achieve your goals so bad.
  2. Be focus. Give out your 100% focus while working on the works. No multitasking and no procrastinating.
  3. Be relentless. I used to think either i die first or I incapacitated before I gave up my dreams. You should try it too.
  4. Be decisive. Make a decision and work like hell. As for me, I want to be the best writer in the world and I would keep on writing everyday to obtain my desire.
  5. Be driven. This is your reason why. Who you are fighting for? Why did you even start it? Get to know these things and you’ll be fine. This is what will moves you to keep on going  when things get super hard.  Find out who are you fighting for.
  6. Be unstoppable. Failed? Do it again. Failed again? Do it again and repeat until you win!

Note to readers: It not easy to overcome challenges in your life but still we do need to fight it heads on because they know it will not go away on its own. Challenges would still be there even when you running from it. You wont just wake up one day and suddenly, it’s gone. No, it doesn’t work like that. You have to solve it and the sooner you solve it, the sooner you will enjoy the rewards. I am telling you this from my personal experience that you have to deal with it.

Sum up.

Live the moment. Don’t waste your time doing the same thing that you hate (your 8 to 5 job)  and keep on dreaming about your goals. Find your purpose in life, find your passion and live the way you have always been dreaming off. Overcoming challenges is a very satisfying thing to do, it will make you stronger and better than you ever was. The truth is challenges is there to prepare you not to stop you. It’s not over until you win.

Innovation needs preparation, collaboration and the light of the soul. Every challenge provides that light – a greater depth of understanding about life and truth.”
Amit Ray, Enlightenment Step by Step