How to Discover Your top 3 Personal Core Values in Life?

How to discover your top 3 personal core value in life? is question that we all need to know the answer. Why? Because Personal core values is not about ethics but it is more to about the one “who” will be guiding you towards your greatest dreams. Which means your personal core values are the one that define who you are, what you do and do  what you like do the most. If you personal core values are compromise and not align with your dreams, then you would feel unhappy with your life I guarantee you.

First of all, let me give you the best example for a compromise personal core values. Actually, you can see it in a lot of superhero or a soldier movies. For example,a movie from The Amazing Spiderman 2  where the Amazing Spiderman failed to save his girlfriend, he almost quits from becoming a Spiderman.

Why? Easy, because his personal core values is compromise which is his personal core values would be saving peoples lives. That is his top priority. When he failed to do that exactly that especially when she is his girlfriends. It took a big struck on his personal core values and because of that he almost quit. Such that is the power of personal core values.

Now, let me give you another example. This time, It will be about an engineer and a veterinarian. Let say, both of them had worked for at least 5 years already with 15,000 monthly salary . The difference would be the engineer become engineer because his father told him to be when he was young while the veterinarian become veterinarian because he love animal so much. He felt determined and motivated to provide help to all injured animals.

So my questions would be, who do you think would be most happy with their jobs? The answer would be of course it would be the veterinarian. Why? because it is what his personal core values are telling him to do. He love animal and he dreams to treat every injured animal as much as he can. And that lead him to be motivated and more happy with his life. But not for the engineer, he works and living his life because of what his father had told him to do.


Why Personal Core Values is so Important?

Because getting your personal core values defined and properly calibrated is one of the most important steps in directing your life towards your grandest vision. It fills you satisfaction that no one can gives you. In fact, your personal core values will become your personal GPS and your internal compass.

Roy T. Bennett said it best, “Your values create your internal compass that can navigate how you make decisions in your life. If you compromise your core values, you go nowhere”. Because they were the one who will guide you no matter how many times you stray away from your dreams and goals. In the end, you will eventually get back to where you stand for and what you love to do the most. To put it simple, personal core values defines who you are.


What Is Your Top 3 Personal Core Values in Life?

Because nowadays, so many people had not define their personal core values and it make them easily lost in this world without even noticing. Also, without their core values, it will makes them much more harder to lead their life towards their intended dreams and goals.

Why? Because their goals, dreams or destinations is not align with their personal core values. So, I want you to end it today. Defined you personal core values now!

Okay, let me share you my 3 personal core values:

  1. Simplicity. That is why my blog is just black and white for now. I want it to look clean and simple.
  2. Efficient. I hate doing things more than the time that had been allocated. Hence, mostly I always think first before I take an action. How I do this thing with the most effective way. How to save more time by avoiding doing a repetitive actions.
  3. Boldness. This is my favorite one. I like to take risk on what I love and what I had always dream on. I will pursue, learn and willing to do anything to make my dreams come true. In other words, I dislike playing safe and stay in my comfort zone. I like to challenge myself.

So, now you know my own core values and it’s time to share yours on the comment section below. In other words, my works and action will depends on how these core values are align.


Practical way for to find your personal core value.


Focus on making choices to lead your life that aligns with your core values in the most purposeful way possible.” ― Roy T. Bennett

Yes, don’t worry if you don’t know define you personal core values because Darren Hardy from The Compound Effect had make a core values assessment for you and more importantly, it is FREE of charge. you just have to download it here NOW.

After you open the links, look at the left side of your screen and you will see a “worksheet” box and in there, you will find core values assessment worksheet. Then, just click the language (English) that you want to download then print it to write and define you personal core values. I really really really encourage you to do it today. No more procrastinating.

Now, it’s your time. Share with me your 3 personal core values on the comment section below after you fill up the core values assessment provided above.


Book Recommendations.

Why this two books? because these two books already guide me what I need to know about my personal core values and how to sync it with my dreams and goals. Without the author’s explanation I would never know how much do my personal core values effected me.

1. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.

2. Managing Oneself by Peter F. Drucker.


Have a go today! Find you personal core values and align it with your dreams. Take action now and don’t wait. Don’t you want the satisfaction and happy to be a part of your life? Because only your personal core values can help you with that. Not even I or both of the author above can do that. Write down you personal core values now.