The Power of Negative Words that Will Make You Poor

Creative words, generate energy, negative words drain out energy” – Robert H. Schuller

A great quotes indeed to show how did the negative words are shaping our lives. And this is one more reason why we should avoids the negative words. Also, the other words this “negative words” also known as the language of the poor.

What is negative words?

Negative words could be any words that can make you feel bad about yourself. For example, I:

  •  can’t do it.
  • don’t have enough talents.
  • was not born rich like that guy.
  • don’t have enough money to start my own business.
  • don’t have a great leadership skills like him/her.

And so on. They love to selling to themselves using the words “I can’t”, “I don’t”  and “I wont”. Also, It depends on the situations. It could be anything that provide you the reasons that you cannot do it. And when they buy it, their life will started to be shaped by that negative words.

How to know if they already joined the Negative Words Club?

1. They Keep on selling their self short.

Yes, this is the most visible reason that you can observed. They always keep on saying to themselves that they can’t do it. They don’t have the motivations and the willpower to move forwards in life and are willing to settle for less. However, they do love to keep on dreaming about something that they can never get it. Why? Because the negative words had already take over their minds.

Frankly speaking, they don’t believe in themselves that they can be anything that they want. Because of this, I just want to ask one questions to them, who said that you can’t do it? And the answer would be themselves. They are the one keeps telling they can’t do it and of course they can’t do it.  In other words, they did this to themselves without even noticing. They choose and let this happens to their life.What a brilliant way to not have a good life.

2. They Joined the Thank God it’s Friday club.

Which means their works is no fun because everyday while working they cannot wait until it’s Friday. They favorite saying are, “it’s FriYay” & “TGIF” especially on the Instagram. How sad. I mean, Do you really want to live like this for 40 years straight? If you ask me, I am 100% sure that I don’t want to live like that. Period.

On the other hand, if you are a motivated person, everyday is a good day. Because a motivated person would feels everything is within their grasp when they have their willpower with them. The always think positively and feels grateful for what they have.

3. Always blaming others.

Blaming others would be their past time hobby. They keeps on blaming:

  • the economy
  • another hard working employee
  • a motivated person
  • himself/herself
  • the company
  • the boss
  • and so on.

Also, they love using the “IF” words. Such as, if only if:

  •  i have enough money.
  •  we have a rich parents.
  •  i am born smarter.
  •  i was born with a great leadership skills.

Just by listening to the them, you would get suck into their negativity.

4. They also joined the Monday Blues club.

Oh it’s Monday again! I hate Mondays! I wish everyday is Saturday and few other negative words. but, Monday don’t even do anything to us right. Monday should our Moneyday! This is the differences between the poor and the riches. Riches love to work on Monday. They can’t to wait for Monday. In fact, probably they would also works on Saturday and Sunday. That is how motivated they are, to work on weekends and achieving their dreams. If that is the price to pay, they are more than willing to do it.


First, read self help books and keep on educating yourself on how be a positive person. In fact, reading books  is a very good way to provide motivation and guide you to achieve your dreams and goals. But what kind of books should i started with? I would suggest a few books below, as it has made a very big impact in me life and it can be to you too. but, only if you read it.

Second, listen to podcast, attend self help seminar or read self help blog. If you can’t afford to go for the seminar, listening to  the podcast is already a great thing to do. I would suggest you t subscribe the Success Talk if you want to start listening to self help podcast. Also, you can watch motivating and inspiring video in YouTube such as provided below:



Be ultra careful with your words and languages especially while working. Why? Because your paycheck are depending a lot on it. If you keeps selling yourself short, keep waiting for Friyays, keep on blaming others and hate every Mondays, your life will not be that much fun. We have to avoid the negative words at all cost like our life are depending on it.