How Rat Race is Preventing You from Reaching Your Financial Freedom

First of all, I would start with the definition.

What the hell is a rat race?

The rat race is the endless, tireless and long hours of pointless pursuits. The simple analogy would be when rats trap in a maze racing and competing with each other to get the cheese and stay alive. Which is the same as the society who keeps on working to get ahead financially and most of the time they don’t.

They would be focusing on the short term financial planning such as working their ass off just to pay the monthly rent, the mortgage, the cars and other liabilities.  Moreover, they will just keep on working hard on their work no matter whether they hate the job or not with a hope that something better will turn up one day.

Ultimately they achieved nothing, their financial problems just keep on happening every single month. The money was never enough even when they received a bonus. This is  because when usually when they received a bonus, they usually spend it lavishly to release the stress of their long hour work.

In other words, they justified their spending with hard work and whenever they don’t have enough money, they just have to do an overtime to make up the spending. This is how they roll. The disadvantages would be even when they already working hard on their jobs for years, they would feels that their financial needs are still not enough. It was never enough. What a heartbreaking financial lifestyle.

How to acknowledge if one have enter the never ending rat race?

  • Usually  they would have a time consuming jobs. Which means, they just keep on working most of the time.
  • They don’t have time for fun and experiencing life because they love to work hard which is great for business. That is why employer loves an employee who are trap in the rat race.
  • They said they don’t really need money but they working their ass off to pay up their bills and killing it on overtime every months.
  • Finally, they don’t really like their job that much. They keep on working just to pay the bills, debts and no other means to change the financial lifestyle.

What do the guy who trap in the rat race thinks?

Simple. They would think that working harder and long hours to earn more money can help them solve financial problems. Which is wrong by the way. Because whenever they have more money, their expenditure will keep on expanding. Thus, leading them into the same trap. The rat race trap.

Their lifestyle were blinded by the rat race. Actually, there is a lot more things that are more important than money such as family, friends and time. All of these, you cannot buy it with money. Period.

How did this happens?

  • Bad spending habits or lavishly spending.
  • They keep on making poor choices.
  • Always selling their self short.
  • Fear of poorness.
  • They follow the masses.

There are still a lot more reason rather than provided above but the above reason is what I had been observed and happening to a person in my surroundings. You can also observe your surrounding. Try it out and find out who is your best rat race. LOL.

Practical Way to Save yourself from the Rat Race.

“You are the part of rat race because you are letting them treat you like a rat. This is the modern definition of a slave.”
― Saurabh Sharma

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Trapping in the rat race is sad and frustrated. We should have avoid it at all cost. One of the way is by controlling our spending. Meaning that, we live our life below our salary so we don’t need to work hard to paid the high mortgage and living the huge debt. This is not an easy things do and sound so boring.

Nowadays, we have been bombarding by the medias that living rich is that we have to got a huge mansion and a few super cars in our garage. If you bought this, than it is impossible for someone to achieve rich in their live. The riches usually have more money even after they are spending a lot right? But isn’t it the same if the you spend below your means. Think about it.

I did not say that you should quick your job right now to escape the rat race. That is not the only way. You can try out the 4 practical steps provided above to getting out slowly from the rat race.

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