How To Become A Self Made Millionaires?

First of all,

Who is a self made millionaires?

A Self made millionaire are also known as first generation millionaires. Meaning that they do not inherited their millions from their rich dad. Yes, all of these self made millionaires are born normal just like us some even poorer. But, the differences are they had have goals, skills and passion that most of us do not possessed. Why? Because they earned it through their hard work and commitment towards achieving their dreams and goals. Frankly speaking, if we want to become just like them, we have to work hard too. Fight like they fight. Bleed like they bleed. Period.


Facts about self made millionaires.

Do you know that 80% of millionaire are self made? If you don’t then you need to get your facts right. And I will explained to all of of  you here. According The Millionaires Next Door, only 20% of millionaires are born from inheritance which means basically most of the millionaires and billionaires started with nothing. In fact some of them were once dirt poor and they had to do a lot of works just to feed themselves. But all of them manage to change their fate.

In other words, these guys, the self made millionaires are the real “1 percent” who deserved our attention on how did they do it. Because they were exactly like us once before and they were the living proof that if they can do it, we can do it too. In fact, it is very doable especially with the help of the internet. Moreover, according to Kauffman Foundation report, in America, immigrants are twice as likely to become entrepreneurs than native-born Americans. So yes, the American Dream is pretty much alive and well.


Myths about self made millionaires.

1. Rich people don’t have to work hard. Dead wrong because most of them work harder  and longer hours than that the middle class and the poors. Do you really think that setting up your own company is easy? Well think again. Because when you are the own a company, you have to manage a lot of people and the business itself. Also, starting a business is hard work, requires a lot of commitment, determination and learning, and only pays off in the long term. Also, with zero guarantee rate of returns. However, if you still trying to create your own company, check out these 10 reality check before starting up your own company.

2. They got a rich dad. 80% of them are self made millionaires so don’t ever blame yourself for not going to become a millionaires because you do not have a rich dad. Having a rich dad to change your fate was never a compulsory things.

3. They have a powerful uncle or connections.  Also wrong again because if you see most of the successful self made millionaires with a lot of powerful connections, most of it, they only get to know them after they becoming a millionaires. Why? Because successful people love to hang out with successful people or in other words millionaires love to hang out with millionaires. And most of their relationship were forged during networking such as playing golf together at the usual country club golf. So now your reason for saying they get rich because they have extraordinary connections had been shattered to pieces.

For more myths, check out the 10 myths people thinks about self made millionaires.


Habits of Self Made Millionaires.

1. They read a lot and never stop learning.

Their love for knowledge is a never ending love. Most of them were very eager to learn new things and the fastest way to learn is by reading books. Which is why most of the rich people is a reader.

2. They have a mentor.

A mentor is indeed powerful because they can guide you and help you avoid disaster in business as they are very well experienced in that specific industry. For example, Mark Zuckernberg mentor is Steve Jobs.

3. They have senses of urgency.

They do not wait for opportunity to come.  They keep on working and learning so when the opportunity came, they were ready enough to take it. In fact, they love to complete their work one by one without delaying. In addition, if you want to become the like them and be the master in any fields, you have to go through the 10000 hour rules first.

4. They pursue their dreams. and turn it into goals.

Making their dreams come true which they are so passionate about makes them works even harder. In other words, doing something that their love and make it a reality is a powerful weapon they used to ensure they never running out of passion.

5. They avoid time waster.

For the last point, let give you one true fact about the riches which are the richest watch less TV than the middle class and the poor. It had been proven that the only 6% of the riches that watch reality shows compare to 78% of the poor. Why? So that they can work more, learn more , exercise more and networking more. And then you are wondering how the hell did they have a lot of time. Now, their secrets had been reveals.

Are you willing to sacrifice your watching TV time to work for your business? The rich people do. Are you willing to sacrifice your hobby to work for your business? The rich people do. Are you willing to work everyday in a week for your business? Once again, the rich people do. The really questions is are you willing to do whatever it takes or not?


Education Qualification For Self Made Millionaires.

1.  80% of them are college graduates

2. 18% of them have a Master’s degrees

3. 8% of them has law degree.

4. Only 6% of them has medical degree.

5. Finally, only 6% of them have PhDs.

These facts are provided by The Education of Millionaires: Everything You Won’t Learn in College About How to Be Successful. The point is that whether you go to college or not, the trick is to keep on learning and mastering your craft. Because becoming a millionaires does not depending on your degrees, Master or PhDs. It never does.


Millionaires Moves the world.

They were the one who had help a country grow. They were the one help growing the economy of your country. Because most of the rich’s corporation, business or company had provided import and export services and products. This had helped strengthen country economy.

Also, they creates more jobs to the less unfortunate people. Even though they are still some greedy millionaires but never forget there are still a lot of generous millionaires and billionaires. Don’t forget about them. Maybe for once, you can focus on the good side such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Chuck Feeney and many more. Their corporation provide jobs around the worlds. If you want to know more facts about millionaires, go check out 29 mind-blowing facts about millionaires.



I encourage you to work hard on your business or company because the fastest way to become a millionaires is by having a successful  business. But, to got from mediocre to millionaires will not going to be easy and no longer unrealistic dreams.

Last but not least, having a rich dad is sure to have a big advantages to become a millionaires but it is not a compulsory things. You don’t need a rich dad to become a millionaires. And do not worry because I also not a millionaires yet. So lets do it, put in the works and work hard towards our business together. Both of us will work hard to achieve a millionaires net worth. Do we have deal? Type “yes” in the comment below.

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