The 4 Benefits of Having A Good Mentor

Having someone to teach you directly about one industry is a great thing. Actually, there is a word for this kind of person. They are called a coach, a mentor or a master of their field. It is a must have if you are on a road to mastery. In fact, having a mentor is the fastest to mastery.

A famous online entrepreneur, Tai Lopez had always preached about the benefits of mentoring in his YouTube Video or Instagram and his mentor is Charlie Munger, a successful billionaire.  Not to forget, a lot of highly successful people also have their own specific mentor that guided them through their learning process.

Benjamin Franklin had his big brother James who owns a printing shop, Glenn Gould has Alberto Guerrero who is a famous pianist coach, Michael Faraday has Devy who a great chemist during his time and Alexander The Great has Aristotle who is a very brilliant man. The question is do you have one? Because what I am going to share with you below are the benefits of mentoring. So read on my friends.

Benefits of Having a mentor.

Cut Years of Learning.

A book can teach you a lot but a mentor can guide you through all the process of mastery. Since your mentor is alive, you can see exactly how your mentor does it and what to do. On the other hand, when learning from books, you have to interpret it yourself and sometimes you misunderstood the process. It happens to me a lot. So this is not an argument. It is a true story.

Plus, you would want to learn and observe from your master as much as possible. This is because benefits of mentoring are learning from a mentor is more on practical learning rather than theoretical. You will receive a lots of hands on experience from the mentor. This will ease your learning process and cut your years of learning.

Mentor Have a Lot of Experiences.

With a mentor by your side, their ensuring years of experience through them will teach you invaluable lesson and strategies for learning. Which you can never gain through books. This is because learning through books is a hit and miss process. You need to do a lot of trial and error since you don’t have enough experienced.

By doing this, mostly you will learn from experienced and no problem with that. I mean of course you can learn from experience but it doesn’t have to be your experiences right? It can be your master’s experienced too.

Therefore, with an abundance of the mentor’s experienced, they can direct you away from unnecessary side path or error. Additionally, with their quick guidance, what we took 10 years could become 5 years with proper direction.

Master will Provide a Real Life Feedback.

Is this good? Of course, it is. Because if you learn and practice from books, maybe the person who is going to give you feedback is probably just you. Like I did with my writings. But, if you have a mentor, it will not going to be like that.

A mentor will provide a real life feedback and sometimes a hard feedback or criticism, and you should not take it to the heart. Because these critics are the one that will provide you the most valuable feedback. So accustomed yourself with criticism.And since they observe your learning process and provide real time feedback, it will make your practice much more time efficient.

Alternatively, a mentor advice is mostly directed towards your circumstances so that you can learn, analyze and correct the mistake easily. One more thing, nowadays, people are becoming reluctant to tell each other the truth about us. Such as our weakness, our inadequacies and our flaws in works.

Most of them especially your friends just tell you what you want to hear and praise your effort. For self-esteem maybe it is good, but if you wanted to grow, proceed or becoming a master, you going to need a lot of negative feedback where you can learn from and correct it. So feedback is very important.

Mentor will Make Learning more Interesting.

This usually occurs when a student and a mentor have a great bond with each other. For example, a mentor would think his student like a son to him. Then, you will receive a lot of guidance, direction, and knowledge of this great relationship.  By nature, your mentor would feel emotionally interested in your education.

This could happen for a lot of reason and one of it would be,  you would remind a mentor of his or her younger self. And by teaching you personally, they would feel unconsciously relive their own youth through you. Mostly because of your youthful energy and willingness to work.

Last but not least, the only you can do is through apprenticeship. For me, currently, I am still looking for the proper mentor to guide me building my first iPhone app. As Robert Greene once said, “Choose the mentor who best fits your needs connects to your Life’s Task“.

So choosing a mentor is another hard work. You do not just pick someone who is there in front of you. You need to do some analyzing first. Ask yourself, Does this mentor suits your need? and some other questions.

The knowledge I learned from programming and entrepreneur books is already great but the only way to transform it into useful way is through a living mentor who can cut years of my learning, have a lot of experience, provide real time feedback and make the process of learning more interesting. Your job is to keep looking until you find one!

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready… The teacher will Disappear.”
― Lao Tzu

Finally, once you have internalized mentor’s knowledge, you must move on and never remain under their shadow. Your goal is always to surpass your mentor in mastery and brilliance. Forged your own path into this world. After all, we are to make a dent in the universe.

“We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why else even be here?”
― Steve Jobs