The best PS4 games Ever to Buy For

The objective of these top 10 best PS4 games post is to provide PS4 gamers to buy all the necessary games they need to fill up their gaming obsession. Truth is, I am new to PS4 and I had been looking for about two weeks just to find the best PS4 games for me.

But then, it came to my mind, why not just share it with you guys. Since I already did all the research, read most of the comment section and survey the best price to buy the game for.  Although, if you are low on the budget like me, you can buy these PS4 games one or two at a time. No need to rush and buy it all together.

Check it out below:


My Top 10 the best PS4 games Ever.

1. The Red Dead Redemption 2.


You have to play this game!


2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


Other than killing zombies, I also hunt witches at night.


3. Uncharted 4.


Sometimes, fighting with humans can’t be avoided.


4. Far Cry 5.


A mad father trying to take over this town? I am here to save you!


5. Far Cry 4.


A man feeling like a GOD? Let me show you how weak you are.


6.  Days Gone.


I love riding my bike while getting chased by a few zombies.


7. The Last Of Us.


I think killing zombies is my part-time job for now!


8. Resident Evil 2.


Just trying to kill some zombies again and their boss too.


9. Bloodborne.


Ahh, killing monster huh? Not so bad.


10. Until Dawn.


How about fighting with your friends just to survive the night? Just like in the horror movies!


How to select the best PS4 games for You?

I really hope that with my own PS4 games suggestion, it can help you choose your the best PS4 games for you. However, the best PS4 games that I provided above is more to shooting, fighting or killing zombies because this is the genre that I liked the most when gaming.

Thus, to select your own best PS4 games will be your own story to tell based on what gaming genre you like. Some gamers love playing Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice, God Of War or Devil May Cry 5 but not for me. Although these are a great game to play, these games are just not for me.

I am more of a modern days gaming like shooting people or killing zombies. I dislike playing games that are hundreds of year ago and I just know that when I finished playing The Last of Us and God of War.

So, the first question you have to ask is what gaming genre do you like the most? If you still did not the answer try playing all the best PS4 games provided by me first and let your instinct decide for yourself. Just like me.


What is your top 10 best PS4 games ever?

If you got any other PS4 games suggestion that you think should be included inside my best PS4 games ever, please drop your comment below. I would love to read your PS4 games suggestion. I believe that all of you have your own best PS4 games ever right? So please share it with me and drop your own top 10 best PS4 games below now!


Should You Buy New or Used PS4 Games?

As for me, since I am low on budget to buy PS4 games, I prefer to buy used games from other gamers out there. I don’t about you, but for me, used games its fine as long as you can still play the game with it without any problems. Not to forget, it would be much more cheaper unless it is a newly released game. Then, I prefer to buy a new one. I don’t want to wait for a few months just to buy a used PS4 game.

So here a tips  to buy used PS4 games:

  • Find a trusted seller or online store and make sure they had provided testimonies from before buyers.
  • Stick to ONE PS4 store if you want to buy used PS4 games. So that you can negotiate to a lower price- most of the time for me.
  • Do cash on delivery(COD) if possible.
  • Trade PS4 game with other PS4 gamers. Trust me on this, I would love to trade my PS4 games too is you are from Malaysia.
  • Buy used PS4 games from your own country no matter how low the price from an outside country is.


P.S. Do you think I should create a platform in my blog to trade PS4 games? Drop your opinion below.