I Just Finished The Last of Us Remastered

For your information, actually The Last of Us Remastered is the first game I ever finished on PlayStation 4. The experience is excellent and I am happy that I bought a PS4 since this game is PS4 exclusive. Which means this game only on PS4.  So today, it’s all about The Last Of Us gaming experience and why you should buy it too.


The Last Of Us Trailer.

First of all, you have to check out its trailer. Although it may contain spoiler.  So if you hate spoiler then you shouldn’t be watching the video. Here’s goes nothing.


Personally, I don’t hate spoilers whether about movies or games, since I want to know If this game or movies are good or not. Because I  don’t want to play the game and experience how sucks the game really is. It would be a waste of my time and especially money. That is why we need to watch trailers, spoilers or even reviews. But, I don’t judge you. We all have our own reason to hate or love spoilers right?




For The Last Of Us, it has 2851 reviews on Amazon and for a regular buyer, those reviews show a lot of positivity. This is because, from the way I analyze Amazon reviews, if the products got more than 1000 reviews, then the product must be great. That is why reviews on Amazon is so important.

As for me, I would give 10/10 because of that just how great this is are. When I played this game, I can’t stop playing it and finished it within 5 working days. I think every PS4 gamers should have this game. This is a must buy game and the most important is this game is PS4 exclusive.


Story Line.


The Storyline is also fantastic and very emotional. It’s about a man who lost his daughter and a daughter who lost her parents because of the zombies traveling across a city to find the cure. What happens between the traveling session is the storyline.

So many hardships that I can remember and when it ends, I felt a sudden emptiness in my heart. Also, the story ends a little bit hanging for me. But thank God, The Last Of Us 2 is coming out this year (probably):


P.S. If you have played this game, please give out your personal reviews in the comment below. I would love to read it.