The What Happens When You Started to Thinking Big

Having goals to point out the direction in you life was always a good thing but thinking big is even better. This is because if your think bigger you are more inclined to be successful  and it will takes you farther than where you are today. Why? Because everything begins with the ends in mind. Simple as that.

What does Thinking Big really means?

First of all, it depends on the three keywords which are vision, visualize and action.  Vision means you must be able to think bigger than you can.  And this is a vision that you use with your pair of eyes. This vision is your dreams that is what you see with your eyes closed.

The second one is your visualization process. This is when you get emotionalize with your vision and dreams. Because to make it a reality, you had to make your subconscious believe that you are going to achieve your dreams. And the more emotionalize you get, the better it is. Frankly speaking, fake it until you make it. But, if you still want more information about how to get emotionalize with your dreams and goals, i would suggest you to continue your reading at Think and Grow Rich by Dr Napoleon Hill (one of my favorite books).

The last one is your action. This is the part where you turn your dreams into a reality. However, before you get into the game make sure you had a plan because if you don’t have one. You are planning to fail.  Break you plan into few to do list and complete it one by one. Don’t ever just write it on a piece of paper and let it slide.

Combining all this three keywords, you will become a big thinker in no time and become unstoppable. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.


4 Tips for You to think big?

1. Think big like a child.

The reason is when you think big like an adult it is hard for you to believe it. Why?  Because there is so much negativity that had enter your matured minds. So much people had been telling you that you cannot do this and you cannot do that, you have no talent at all and many more. Few years later, after you keep on buying that shit, it is going to take a toll in your minds. You will become someone who afraid to try out new things because of a fear of failure. But, for the riches and the successful people, the fear would never stop them because they always gunning for the top.

But why think big like a child? Easy. Because a child always think they can become anything they want in this world. And they minds is still fresh and there is no negativity is their minds. This is why a child always want to be a superhero because there don’t even no that it is impossible to do that.

For example, when a teachers come into her kindergarten classroom. The teacher asked who want to be a singer when they grow up? And then everybody would raise up their hands or most of them. But, what if the same exact questions were asked to the high school students. Guess how much would raise up their hand? The answer would be binary number. Either one or zero.


2. Think bigger.

Yes, as simple as that. But it was never that simple. You want to know why? Because so many people love to sell their self-short. They don’t think that they can do what they always wanted to do. They keep telling themselves that they don’t have the tools, the educations, and the money and so on.

They always have a reasons that keeps telling them that they cannot do it. How sad. They don’t think that can make millions of dollar or become millionaires. Let me ask you a questions, Who said that you need a lot of money and education to become successful in life? No one said that. If your friends said that, there is a 90% chances that he/she is broke.

The reason is because 80% of successful millionaires are self made millionaires and some were once dirt poor. Some of them had to sleep on the floor while working towards his dream and his name is Mark Cuban who is worth 3 billions dollar today.  Some of them had to worked as a janitor, pumped gas, and served coffee just to make ends meet and his now the founder of forever 21 who is also a billionaires today.

The question is how the hell did they do it? From broke to a billionaires, everybody want to be that guy right? And the secret is so simple which is because they think bigger than everyone else and they believe they can do it. At the end of the day, the resources that you need are just commitment, persistent, passions and tenacity to achieve your dreams. More importantly, all of these resources is free.


3. Set the right kind of goals.

Set the goals that is actually bigger than you and attainable for you. The bigger it it, the better it would be. Then, you break it into few small steps. The best thing to this is by doing your one thing. For example, if you want to be a professional footballer, the one thing you should focusing on is playing football. Not playing football in the morning, working on your great business in the afternoon and playing basketball in the evening. You have to be focus on your one thing because it is the fastest way to achieve your goals.

Here’s a video of why you should be focusing on your One Thing.


And if you want to know more about why and how exactly to do your One Thing and at the same time increasing your productivity, continue your reading at The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results. In this book, you will learn  how to * cut through the clutter * achieve better results in less time * build momentum toward your goal* dial down the stress * overcome that overwhelmed feeling * revive your energy * stay on track * master what matters to you The ONE Thing and finally delivers extraordinary results in every area of your life–work, personal, family, and spiritual. So ask yourself “WHAT’S MY ONE THING?” A very interesting book indeed!


4. Take action bigger than your dreams.

Last but not least, you have to take action on your goals and dreams because no one going to start building your dreams if it is not you. You have to be responsible for your dream because you are the one who is going to commit on your dreams. You are the one who going to work for a long hours. Everything starts with you in the beginning. The first step to do all of this, is to take the first step.

The quotes that are good for this point would be, every journey begins with the first step and Rome was not build un one days. Remember everything starts small.



Thinking big is what separate the riches and the poor, the mediocre and the successful and so on. In fact, thinking big is the first step towards everything because everything begin with the ends in minds. Remember, your tenacity and your dreams to become number 1 at everything and gunning for the top is always going to be different than the thinking just of  settling down. When focusing on that, nothing can stop you because your subconscious will work for you if you make them believe it.