Top 5 Brilliant Ideas for Starting An Online Business that Will Make You Rich

As we all know, starting a company is a very big steps to take as a person no matter who your are. Whether you are a 8-5 worker or a fresh graduates.  It is a life changing experience that can helps us speed up our ways to achieve financial freedom. But do you even know how to do it? If the answer is no, fear no more because below I already share top 5 ideas to start your own online business.

5 Ideas to Start An Online Business.

1. Creating a blog.

This is by far my favorite because internet is the best thing that had been created that can help us a lot to grow our business online. It had become the greatest leverage for out business. Why is that? This is because by using a blog or a website, the numbers for a visitors or a prospects to reach and visits our website in infinity. Our blog can reach a lot of visitors per day such as few hundreds,  few thousand or even millions.

Then, after you reach this kind of visitors per day, you can start to monetize it. You can put advertisement in your blog, you can use affiliate marketing ( i will explain it below) and even sells your own products. The things that you can do to monetize a blog is endless. But, it depends on you blog niche.

Unfortunately, if you have a retail shop or restaurants, it is impossible to have a few thousand visitors per day right? But not for a blog or a website. This is why creating your blog is the best way to start your online business. If you did not know how to create a blog, you can continue your reading here.

The above websites will guide you one by one to create your own blog in a few minutes only. It is actually simpler than you think. In addition, creating a blog doesn’t take a huge amount of money because you create for free with or start it with a low cost with self-hosted for as low as 200 dollars.

Note to readers, creating a blog is the best thing you can do today to generate a lot of profits for online business but the hardest part would be generating the traffic flow every months. It takes a lot of passion, consistency and marketing to have a few thousands visitor per months. But, that is not going to stop you right?

2. Affiliate marketing.

The second one would be the affiliate marketing which means we earns commission by selling other people products. And this kind of strategies had made a lot of corporations received billion dollars in sales per year. Because the affiliate marketer had helps them to make sales a lot of sales. By doing that, a corporation or a company would give them a percentage of every purchase made by the customer.

For example, if the price of that item is 100 dollars and the sales commission is 20%. Therefore, every time your followers or your audiences buy that item through the link you provided, you will get 20 dollars for every purchases. Sounds good right. So the more pricey the item and the more you make sales, the more you will earns.

The biggest and baddest corporation that i can think to provide wide range of products is the everything store, And this is one of the easiest way that you can do to make money online.For this purpose, you can leverage your social media account for this very reason. If you happen to have a huge numbers of following, even better.You can earn a substantial number if you did it correctly.

The best thing to become successful affiliates marketers is to learn how to do a great affiliate marketing. But it does not have to through social media only, you can use YouTube video, Podcast or even a Blog to earn profits from affiliate marketing. For example, a YouTuber below had put a link to where he buy his camera on So, every time someone click the link and buy that item, he will get a sales commission.What an easy way to earn money online. By the way, you have to open the video on YouTube to see the link he provided.

3. Content Marketing.

Content marketing is for content creator only. But it doesn’t have to a been a writing as long as you can entertain and holds audiences. It can be a YouTube video, a podcast, a blog post or even on Instagram and Twitter, for as long as people can benefits from it. If you happen to have a lot of follower or subscribers on YouTube, let say around 30,000 – 300,000 . You can earn a profits if you did an advertisement for a company.

Let me give you an example, one of the successful people who had been an content marketer is the make up tutorial women. Trust me man, they earn a lot of profits by creating a video on YouTube for that particular company. And that particular company will supply the make up and even pay them to create a video for them.

So they will have an endless supplies of make up products for them to try out and share it to their subscribers or followers.  If you watch and listen the video below, you will hear that the women will told you what kind of make up she was using and where to buy it from. And this is how content creator advertise using their content.

Note to readers, if you did an advertising, make sure you are being sincere and using the products also. Not because you just want to get paid only. Your followers can detect you very easily if you are being fake. The worst thing that can happen is you will lost a huge subscribers. Remember, the content that you make should entertain and provide value to them not to sell to them things. You are not a salesperson. You are a content creator.

4. Create Your Own E-commerce shop

For e-commerce shop, this is a straight forwards explanation. You just have to create and set up you e-commerce website. You can create your own using which will be a bit hard if you lack computing skill and it takes time to do it. Or, you can use eCommerce Website Builder such as:

And yes, using the E-commerce website builder will make your life a lot easier. However, you are not done yet after setting up an online shop because setting up your e-commerce website is the consider an easy thing to do. The tricky part would be getting visitors and future customers come to your online shop daily,weekly and monthly.

For this purposes, you need to do a lot marketing for this such as Facebook Marketing and SEO marketing or pay per click marketing. Don’t worry about it though, if you don’t know, you can always learn about it. You can learn at Udemy online courses or read any books about marketing which is a lot cheaper. A word of advice, before you try executing this type of online business, make sure you prepare all the marketing strategy you want to do such SEO or Pay Per Click marketing.

5. Coaching

One on one coaching or one to many coaching is great way to create your online business  and earn profits from it. Nowadays, you can even do it online by using the internet. A coach can become at anything that you have experience with and a customer that are willing to pay to get that kind of experience.

For example a personal trainer, a marketer expert and a blogger expert can become a coach in their specific industry and earns a lot of profits doing it. And lately, since everybody wants to be an entrepreneurs, the coaching industry had grow successfully into a huge number of profits.

In fact,you can even do it online today with the help of webinar or Udemy. What a way to coach an online courses. If you happen to working for an industry for at least 3 years, you must have some kind of experience and knowledge that you teach other people for as low as 10 dollars or up to 200 dollars.

It is very easy thing to do. You just have to records the video that you want to teach other people and prepare the slide. As simple as that. But, make sure you recorded online courses are presented in a high quality presentation and did a big impact to your students. If it not, your online coaching will not grow substantially.



What ever you do or whatever you pick your online business make sure you follow the money,follow your passion and be persistent and committed to it. Where there is a lot of needs in that industry go for it. The most important thing, make sure what you did in that online business, did a big impact millions of people so you can earns millions of dollars. That is the secrets. When you started to helps millions Finally, keep educating yourself as you growing your company, make sure to invest in yourself as much as your invest in your business.