4 Amazing Ways to Find Your Unique Business Idea that will Make You Thrive

Starting an online business is a great way to enter the entrepreneurship path. But, even after you had pick your type of online business, you need to get specific. Which means, you need to find or create your own unique business ideas .In other words, your unique business ideas will become your niche. And without a niche, it would be hard for your business to thrive. Your online business would just be another noise in the internet world. Another “me too” business.

Why should we have a unique business idea?

1. People will know what kind of business you are focusing on.

This is a great way to select your audiences or followers and creating your tribe. In fact, it is your only way to create your raving fans that will support your business. Moreover, creating your raving fans and tribe is vital for your business. Unless, they know what specific niche you are in and “what’s in it” for them, it is hard for them to be your loyal customer. So pick your niches fast!

2. To avoid Broad Competitors and Become Another Noise.

This is because if you don’t get into your own league, you are going be in other people leagues. And for a newbie in that league, it would be very hard to be outstanding since your competitors already had  a huge followers and tribes. In short, selecting your unique business idea is to differentiate from them and get the hell out of your strong competitors leagues.

To avoid this from happening to you, selecting your unique business ideas is the first step to create your own league. It is better to become a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in big pond. Other than that, picking your niche is also important to avoid another me too business.

3. To Avoid the Big Boys.

At the early stages, it would be normal and smart to avoid the business tycoon in your industry. Heck, it would be foolish enough if you try to beat them in your startups phases. The big boys means and consider to be the most powerful business or corporation in your specific industry.

If you try to fight them in the early stages, they would probably beat you with their money and resources. In your startups phase, it is best to avoid them and focusing on building your brand and  beating other small business owner. That would be your best interest for now.

4. To Create your own Specific Brand.

Yes, you uniqueness in creating your business could become your own brand name. It would be better for your to create a new markets since you will become they pioneer. With this brand, you would just have to increase your marketing power and focusing on branding your business. Remember this, create brand not business because business make sales while brand make you a fortune. Thus, if you can, make sure to bring your “A” game especially in branding games.

5. To Create an Apple and Orange comparison.

This is because to avoid selling commodities and differentiate your business from another “me too” business. This is so important actually because it is the reason why other customer should visit and buy at your shops rather than from your competitors. Even though you were selling the same products. The uniqueness of your brands are the one that will make your customer buy from although your price is much higher than your competitors.

For example, Starbucks did a very good game in creating  a comparison game. This is because their branding games is so strong and able to create an apple and orange comparison. The proof would be even though Starbucks has a lot of coffee shop competitors but there still manage to make a billion dollars sale every  year. Don’t you want this to happen yo you?


How to select your unique business idea?

1. Consider the need of the markets.

Find the need of the market place and always put value in front. This is the most important thing in your business. Your unique business ideas or niche should be focusing on helping,solving problems and servings the customer as best as you can. The money is always be second one. It was never the first. When you provide their needs, they would happily and gladly pay you.

2. Forget about “do what you love”.

Do what you love business will be very hard to thrive. Why? Because just by saying do what you love is about self-servings business. Mostly they failed because it avoid rules number 1 above. You are hoping for someone would have the same “what you love” and connect with you. Even though sometimes this kind of business ideas thrive, it rarely does.

3. You have a lot of Passion in it.

You must not only interested in it but also committed to it. You passion must be so strong to force you willing to do whatever it takes to complete your task, work or projects. Your passion is the source of you strength and willpower whenever you feeling lazy or afraid to do.

For example, Tony Robbins passion was always about helping and serving to other peoples. With that passion he was willing to do the unbelievable things such as providing food for the unfortunate up to 50 millions peoples with his book selling only. What a legend.

4. Your business niche should be unique to your personality.

To create your own brand. Sometimes, a business are depending on the founder of the business. And since it was a unique and adds up with a great marketing. It can be very well save your business.

The good example of this kind of business would be the fashion industry business. Just by looking at their luxuries an branded name such as LV, Gucci, Michael Kors, ZARA and Chanel, but still they have they own kind of way to design their products which different them from each other.


The practical way to finds the business niche of the market.

  1. Use Google Keywords Planner Tools to find your unique business idea keywords.
  2. Check out Google Trends and find out if your business ideas is trending or not.
  3. Innovate a business niche that someone has doing it already and execute better it like no one has. This is because there is a lot of business that just innovate from one big ideas and beat the originals ideas. For example, Google. Google was born few years after Yahoo! but now Google net worth is a lot more that Yahoo! Why is that? Simple, they just did it better than Yahoo search engine ever did and every google user knows this.
  4. Find a business that people hate their services and that is your opportunity. Observe and listen to the crowds around you. When they commenting and hated a products or services that is an opportunity. Because if one person sick with the products usually they are not alone. Give it a thoughts, ask yourself, can you do it better than them?
  5. Check Amazon comments. Amazon is a great place to read good reviews and bad reviews. The bad reviews would be your secret weapon. Then, you turn it into a problem solver and your have your business niche.


Business niches can be created by you or others. Sometimes, you do not have to create a new one and just using an existing one. then defeat them by execute it better, stronger and more power. Also, opportunity comes in many ways. We just have to listen it it more carefully and turn it into our ideas or niches.

However, in every business no matter how small or big you are, there will always be a competitors. You cannot avoids it and our objective should be do it better than they can ever imagine. Lastly, failure in business should not stop you from moving on. Failure is the seed of victory. Remember that. You will Win in the end.

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