Why Continuous Learning Hurts? and How To Combat it

Anything can be learned and mastered. But how do we do it when continuous learning hurts? Actually, it is down to your mindset. If you always think it hurts you then it will. There were two types of people when it comes to continuous learning. One will leads to breakthrough in learning while the other would drop out when learning starts to get a little bit challenging.

The first type is called having a growth mindset and the second one is called having a fixed mindset. Fortunately, there is a way to change your mindset from having a fixed one to a growth mindset. The first step would be, you need to understand these mindsets definition then shattered it down. Let’s go through them now:

A Fixed Mindset Person.

This mindset is also called unlearning mindset. Why? Because people who had this kind of mindset always think they can’t learn or master at something they are not good at. They have a belief one’s capability is to learn is static. It’s either black and white, yes or nor and either you are or you’re not.  To someone who had fixed mindset is either you’re a writer, artistic, sporty or you’re not.

According to Professor Carol Dweck from Stanford, people with a fixed mindset want and love to appear capable of doing something. They try to avoid looking incompetent at all cost – even while they were still learning. For them, when you are not good at something after a few tries, you shouldn’t do at all. So every time, learning get a little bit challenging and hard, a fixed mindset person would think it is a waste of their time.


The problem with a fixed mindset is they do not realize that learnings take time and it’s okay to not be good the first few time you give it a try. Failure is a part of learning but it doesn’t mean you are incapable of doing it. Also, falling in it won’t be forever. It just means you are a novice or a beginner. Remember every master starts with a disciple.

Ever had a fixed mindset? Hmmm. Me too.

To combat this, become

A Growth Mindset Person.

Which means that you will have a mindset that can learn anything. And the great news is switching to the growth mindset is easier than learning how to master the skills. Why? because a person with a growth mindset will expect to find new task hard but do it anyway. They believe that skills can be learned and mastered instead of I don’t have a talent in this. Let me remind you, something that you already know, hard work beats talent every time.

Moreover, with a growth mindset, you will not fixate on whether you will fail or succeed because you are in a learning state. So failing won’t stop to keep on learning and pushing. In a sense, a person with a growth mindset are too focused on learning and growing; what really matter its the effort.

They also view failure is just a temporary defeat. Meaning that you are not defeated until you give up. So as long as you keep on working and pushing, you are still on the road to victory – even if they odds and the pain were there to stop you. Instead of using it to quit your continuous learning process, a person with a growth mindset uses it as a signal to work harder and harder.

Spoiler alert: As you keep on learning,  you will hit a lot of setbacks, hard bit, pain and temporary defeats many times. Acknowledge this as winter days. What can you do, thought, is notice it, analyze what you did wrong, learn from it then correct it. Do this many times, until it becomes your second nature. When you do manage to do this, seeing how you would react when it gets super hard and just do it anyway is a pretty satisfying thing.

Learning is painful sometimes – especially when you realize how little you know. In fact, it is your biggest deciding factor for your success in life – your ability to respond to the hard bit in continuous learning.

The big difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset are a fixed mindset person will have a mundane life because they keep on playing it safe. The other one will have a life filled with challenging problems, hardship but after a while, they get comfortable with it. In other words, a growth mindset person will become adaptable to the surrounding – even when it get super hard.

It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.”
― J.K. Rowling

The nature of continuous learning is learning never really ends. Just as you finished learning something, another thing that you don’t understand came up instantly. And this is a continuous cycle and never ending process. So just relax and keep on learning. After a while, you will become comfortable with not knowing.

Although you will never know everything, that just means how much more you need to learn and you will develop the love towards the knowledge itself. Do this well and you will rise to the top of the mastery ladder but only if you have a growth mindset.