4 Reasons Why You Should Own A PlayStation 4

At first, I was planning to buy Lenovo Legion Y740 which is a great gaming laptop but the price is just too pricey. It’s the latest version and I can’t afford it. It cost around RM10,000 and If you ask me why this laptop, you should watch the review below:



Just like Dave said, this laptop is the one. But hey, I want to talk about PlayStation 4 here, not about a laptop. Also, what I am going to share to you guys is my own main reasons when I try to persuade myself to buy a PS4 Slim 1TB.  So these reasons are not some BS out of brainstorming session but it is shared feeling from someone who truly loves PlayStation 4. And buying a PS4 is one of the best choices I had ever make.


4 Reasons Why I Bought A PlayStation 4 And Why You Should Too.

1. Buying a PS4 is more much cheaper than buying a laptop.

Just like I said above, when I buy PS4 to play games it saves me a lot of money. Especially for a guy who doesn’t have a big budget. My PS4 SLIM 1 TB costs around $323 USD while gaming laptop will at least cost me around $2000 USD and above.

I mean, I understand that gaming laptop is can do a lot of stuff like work and so on. But, all I want to do is play games. So why not just bought a PlayStation 4? For me, PS4 is the best and cheapest WAY to focus on gaming.

2. Having a PS4 makes me more organized.

I don’t know about you, but having a  PS4 make my life more organized. The main reason is since I need a specific time for working and gaming, most of the time I manage to finish my work faster. Since we only have 24 hours in a day, time is money boys.

Usually, I finished all my work during the day just to focus on gaming on PS4 at night. After a month, it sure does makes me feels good. I think I am getting good at managing my time with PS4.


3. PS4 makes me concentrate better at work.

When you have work to do, we all know that we want to avoid any mistake because you don’t want to do it all over again right?  Especially when you have a PlayStation 4. If you have to do or recheck the work all over again then your PS4 time will get snatched away.

Thus, every time I am working, I can provide an undivided intention and even greater focus on my work. But if you are a student, you should focus on finishing your homework, so that your parents won’t have any reasons to stop you from playing games. Do you get me? Of course, you are. Every gamer usually a smart person.


4. I Have Fun Gaming.

Save the best for the last. I felt like this is the most important thing when buying a PlayStation 4. So that is why it is very important that you picked the right games for you. As for me, I love games more with shooting, RPG and storytelling kind of thing. Playing multiplayer games on PS4 is a no-no for me. I leave it for laptop gaming.

What about you? What kind of games you love to play and can you give out a suggestion which PS4 games should I buy next? Leave it on a comment below. Currently, I just finished The Last Of Us Remastered.


Should You Buy PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro?

PS4 PRO 1 TB – Red Dead Redemption 2 Bundle

I can’t say that you should buy PS4 Slim 1 TB just like me because that is totally up to your budget. What I can say is, I bought my PS4 Slim 1 TB because the store provides me with an extra 4 games and I don’t have any budget to buy 4k HD TV.

Yes, a PS4 PRO have a 4k resolution but without a 4k HD TV, your PS4 Pro is just the same as my PS4 SLIM resolution. So unless your own or have a budget for buying a 4K TV then I would suggest you buy a PS4 PRO.

Also, I heard that PS4 Slim consume less energy consumption that PS4 Pro. Probably because of the 4K resolution. That is all from me and whichever PlayStation 4 you buy, as long as you bought PS4 we are buddies for life. Add me on PSN “remis_93″, see you on PSN.


 P.S. It’s PlayStation 4  time.