Why Spiderman PS4 is Worth Every Penny ?

First of all, I get free Spiderman game when I bought my 1TB PS4 Slim. Other than that, I also get free God Of War, Detroit and The Last Of Us Remastered. Yeah, it was a great deal.  But today, we are going to talk about Spiderman and why this game is must play by every PS4 gamers.

Actually, i just finished playing Spiderman PS4 main story and the experience is very joyful and sad at the same time. I wanted to finished the game so that I can play other game but apart of me doesn’t want it to end. the ending also a bit sad. It almost made me cry. But let’s get to the main point:


Why Spiderman ps4 is worth every penny?

1. It has so many Spiderman suits and side mission.


Yes, actually this is what I like the most  about Spiderman on PS4. It has so many suits which come with it’s own specific power. I just love it on first sight. But, to get the specific Spiderman suits, you will have to get the token you needed to be able to afford the suits. The main mission will only unlocked the suits but to get the suits you would have to complete the side mission and collect all the token needed for the suits.


2. Great gameplay with a 4k graphic.

When you start swinging using your web in the city, you can get a bit awkward. However, after a few mission you will use to it and start swinging like walking down the road. The main story is also a great comeback for Spiderman movies I think. You have Wilson fisk, Doc Oct, Electro, Rhino, Martin Li and so on. Plus, with 4k graphic scenery, what could go wrong.

But, if you dont have a PS4 Pro to play Spiderman PS4 like me, do not worry because the graphic is still very clear and HD. A 4K graphic is just an added advantage. I saw it on my friends PS4 Pro.


3. Spiderman PS4 gadgets is outstanding.

Yes, although is the movies, Spiderman doesn’t really use gadget to fight the enemies, i really like using Spiderman PS4 gadget. Especially spider bot! I love it and I use it a lot in a fight. So you should upgrade this gadget first to increase it damage and ammo. Trust me on this one, spider bot will not let you down.


On the other hand, the downside of Spiderman PS4 is the MJ mission is taking my time and it is a bit boring for me personally. Also, the Yin Yang puzzle for Martin Li mission is hard. Damn right it is! I had to result to YouTube to find the answer to the Yin Yang puzzle.


P.S. Go buy Spiderman PS4 now or if you already play this game comment below, I would love to hear your ranting about Spiderman PS4 too.